Tissot Vs Victorinox Watches: Which One Should You Choose?

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Are looking to buy a Swiss affordable luxury watch but are confused between a Tissot watch and a Victorinox watch? Do you want to know which watch brand is better Tissot or Victorinox?

Watches from both brands are feature-rich and fall into a similar price category and this makes it very difficult to choose one watch from both brands. But lucky for you, I have done a Tissot vs Victorinox detailed face-off so that you can know which brand’s watches are best for you. I have also done a face-off between the popular watches from both the brands i.e. Tissot Seastar vs Victorinox Maverick. So that if you are confused between these two watches then you can know which watch is better.

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Tissot Vs Victorinox

Victorinox vs Tissot

To understand which of the two watch brands is better we must look at their history and heritage first. So let us briefly look at the history of both the brands one by one and then we will move on to their popular watch collections.


Tissot is a Switzerland-based luxury watch manufacturer that was founded by Charles Felicien Tissot and his son Charles Emile Tissot in the year 1853. And today it is almost 170 years old and is one of the oldest Swiss watch manufacturers. The company’s name was changed multiple times and it was finally named Tissot SA in the year 1982. A year later, in 1983, Tissot SA became part of the popular Swiss Swatch Group.

Tissot started its operation by manufacturing pocket watches and its main focus was to export its finely crafted pocket watches. It first began exporting its pocket watches to Russia and today Tissot watches are available in more than 160 countries around the world. Tissot was and is known for its finely crafted and super high-quality affordable luxury watches. But how did it achieve that status over the years?

Let us look at why Tissot is so popular around the world. Firstly it is because of the many innovations that are done by the brand. One of the most notable innovations by the brand is the world’s first anti-magnetic watch. By the year 1920, electricity became an integral part of human lives. While it paved the way for many technological marvels but it also made the watches prone to magnetism. Magnetism affects the watch’s accuracy and once magnetized you will have to get your watch demagnetized. So to prevent a watch from getting demagnetized, Tissot built the world’s first anti-magnetic watch in 1930. Another notable innovation of the brand is the introduction of the world’s first tactile watch in the year 1999.

Not only this, but Tissot has been and also is the official timekeeper of some of the major international sports events. These sports events include NBA, FIBA, Tour De France, GIRO, UCI, Moto GP, Superbike World Championship, IIHF Ice Hockey, Asian Games, and the list goes on. Association with these sports events also gave a major boost to the popularity of the brand.

Today, Tissot is widely known and popular for its finely crafted, highly precise, and accurate affordable luxury watches around the world.


Like Tissot, the roots of Victorinox go way back to 1884 and it is also based out of Switzerland. However, unlike Tissot, Victorinox did not manufacture watches in its initial days and it was into manufacturing durable and high-quality Army Knives. It was the official supplier of the army knives to the Swiss Army.

Victorinox got into manufacturing watches after it completed more than 100 years of existence as a company. And in 1989, it actually started manufacturing watches. So the history and heritage in manufacturing watches of Tissot is way longer than the Victorinox.

The name Victorinox seems quite interesting but do you wonder if it means something? It is based on Karl Elsener 1’s (founder of the company) mother’s name “Victoria”. Now you must be wondering where did “nox” come from? Stainless Steel is called Inox in some languages and the invention of stainless steel turned out to be a game-changer for the cutlery industry. So Karl Elsener 1 chose the combination of two words, “Victoria” and “Inox” as “Victorinox” to name his company in 1921.

Watch manufacturing of Victorinox got a boost when the company purchased its long-term rival Wenger in 2005. Wenger is also a Swiss-based manufacturer of knives and watches.

Today, Victorinox is well known for its rough, durable, high-quality knives as well as watches. It has instilled its knife’s durability and toughness to its watches and its watches are mainly used as tool watches these days.

Popular Watch Collections Of Tissot and Victorinox

Let us now look at the popular watch collection of both brands.

Tissot Watch Collection

1) Tissot Seastar

Tissot SEASTAR collection of the brand consists of all the diver’s watches that the brand has to offer. So if you want a diver’s watch then this is the collection you should look at.

2) Tissot Gentleman

The Gentleman collection of the brand as the name suggests consists of all the watches that go well with your dresses as well as office wears. So if you want a watch that you can wear to your office daily then this is the collection you should look at. You can find mechanical as well as quartz watches in this collection.

3) Tissot PRX

If you are one of those who like the charm of old-school watches then this collection is meant for you. This collection consists of all the vintage watches that the brand has to offer. PRX collection consists of both mechanical watches and quartz watches.

4) Tissot T-My Lady

This collection, as the name suggests, includes watches for all the beautiful ladies out there. Like other collections of the company, this collection also has quartz as well as mechanical watches.

5) Tissot Supersport

The Supersport collection of the company includes all the sports watches that the company has to offer. These watches are very sporty in nature and have features like chronograph and tachymeter. All the watches in this collection run on quartz movement.

6) Tissot T-Touch Collection

Remember how we discussed earlier that Tissot launched the world’s first Tactile watch in 1999. This collection includes all the tactile watches that the company has on offer today. These are like hybrid watches that have small screens on the dial and has touch screens on the top. All these watches are powered by a quartz movement and some of them even get charged from solar technology.

7) Tissot Le Locale Automatic

This collection from the brand includes all the classic timepieces for both men and women. So if you are looking to buy a watch that has a classic and timeless design then this is the collection you should look at.

Victorinox Watch Collection

1) Airboss

Airboss collection from the brand consists of all the pilot watches of the company. Every watch in this collection is powered by a mechanical movement and you do not get any quartz option.

2) Alliance

This collection from Victorinox can be compared to Tissot’s Gentleman collection. All the classic timepieces of the brand are under this collection and there are options for both men and women. Alliance series also consists of some of the affordable Victorinox watches.

3) Maverick

Maverick collection of the watch contains all the diver’s watches that the brand has to offer. This collection of Victorinox is similar to the Seastar collection of Tissot.

4) FieldForce

This collection as the name suggests contains all the field watches. These watches are mainly focused on men and have big, bold, and masculine dials with a host of features.

5) I.N.O.X.

I.N.O.X. collection from Victorinox contains watches for all the people that like outdoor adventures like hiking, trekking, etc. these watches have an amazing build quality and are suitable for rough and tough use.

Tissot Seastar Vs Victorinox Maverick

Now that we know about both the companies and know about their collections, let us now look at the comparison of popular watches from both brands.

If you are looking to buy a luxury diver’s watch then you must have come across the Tissot Seastar and Victorinox Maverick diver’s watches. Let us see which one is better among the two.

Tissot Seastar Vs Victorinox Maverick

Tissot Seastar

Victorinox Maverick

43mm case diameter makes it big enough to see the underwater

Also has a 43mm case diameter

Blue dial and black bezel gives it a unique and sport look

Has a green dial and green bezel with a golden highlight on the bracelet, dial, and bezel

Black rubber strap

Stainless steel bracelet

Stainless steel case

Stainless steel case

Cannot be worn to parties and functions

Can be worn to parties and functions

Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protects it from scratches

Also features a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating

Powered by Swiss automatic movement

Runs on Swiss quartz movement

23 jewels ensure its smooth working as well as accuracy

Does not have any jewels

80 hours power reserve keeps it running even if you do not wear it for 3 straight days

Runs on battery and does not require power-reserve

300M water-resistant rating makes it suitable for diving

100M water-resistant rating makes it only suitable for snorkeling

See-through case back lets you have a sneak peek inside the watch

Does not have a see-through case back

Has screw-down crown

It does not have a screw-down crown

Features a screw-down case back

Also has a screw-down case back

Unidirectional rotating bezel ensures you do not accidentally add time to your diving time

It also features a unidirectional rotating bezel

Features luminous hands and markers

Only has luminous hands

Has a date window at 6 o’clock position

Also has a date window at 6 o’clock position

Does not have a chronograph

Features a chronograph

There is no tachymeter feature

Has a tachymeter

Which Is Better Victorinox Or Tissot?

You must have figured out by now which company manufactures watches for you. But if you are still not sure then let me help you out.

If you care a lot about a company’s heritage and history and wearing a watch from popular brand matters to you alot, then you should choose a watch from Tissot. It obviously has more brand recall and fan following as compared to Victorinox when it comes to watches. And needless to say, its history and heritage are clearly reflected in its watches.

Victorinox on the other hand is known for its tough and durable army knives and they have also implemented these qualities in their watches. So if you are looking to buy a rough and tough field watch then you should choose a watch from Victorinox.


Is Victorinox A Luxury Watch Brand?

Yes, Victorinox manufactures affordable luxury watches.

Are Tissot Watches Good?

Yes, Tissot is known for making finely crafted, accurate, and precise affordable luxury timepieces.

Where Are Victorinox Made?

Victorinox makes its watches in Switzerland.

Does Victorinox Own Wenger?

Yes, Victorinox purchased Wenger in 2005.

Is Tissot A Swiss Brand?

Yes, Tissot is a Switzerland-based watch manufacturer.

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