Different Types Of Pocket Watch Chains & How To Wear Them

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Do you want to know about the different types of pocket watch chains? Are you wondering how you can wear pocket watch chain styles?

If your answer to the above questions is a yes then you are at the right place. I will answer the above two questions for you. So let’s get started.

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Different Types Of Pocket Watch Chains

Different Types Of Pocket Watch Chains

There are mainly 3 types of pocket watch chains available in the market:

  • T-Bar chain
  • Belt slide chain
  • Bolt ring chain

Let me tell you about these in detail.

1) T-Bar Or Albert Pocket Watch Chains

Albert chains are one of the most famous pocket watch chains around the world. These are also called T-Bar chains because they have a small bar attached to one end. Their other end obviously has the hook for a pocket watch. T-bar chains are actually very easy to wear, all you have to do is insert the T-bar into one of the button holes of your vest or blazer. To take it off, all you need to do is take the T-bar out of the button holes of your waistcoat and that’s it.

They are easy to use and sturdy at the same time, and I think this is the reason why they are so popular.

2) Belt Slide Chains

Belt Slide Pocket Watch Chain

Belt slide or belt bars pocket watch chain is another chain style that is very popular among people that like pocket watches but do not wear a vest or waistcoat all the time. They are called such because they have a hook-like structure at one end that slide over the belt to grab onto it. These types of pocket watch chains are mainly popular among people that prefer casual clothes.

3) Bolt Ring Chains

The last type of pocket watch chain is the bolt ring chain. These types of chains have a ring attached to one end. This ring can be used to hang the chain on your pants loop or on your waistcoat button holes. Bolt ring pocket watch chains are the most versatile pocket watch chain type. As you can use it with your casual wear and with dresses as well.

How To Wear Pocket Watch Chains?

Pocket Watch With Jeans

Now that you know what are the different pocket watch chains, let me now tell you how you can wear them.

1) Vest Or Waistcoat

If you want to wear the pocket watch chain with a waistcoat or vest then you can actually wear all three styles of pocket watch chains.

You can insert the T-bar into one of the buttonholes of your waistcoat and then keep the watch in your vest’s pocket.

The belt slide pocket watch chain can also be worn with a vest. You just have to slide the hook in the buttonhole or you can also slide it into one of your pocket openings. And then keep the watch in your pocket.

If you want to wear the bolt ring pocket watch chain with your waistcoat then you can simply hang the ring on one of the buttons of your vest. You can then keep the watch in the pocket of your waistcoat.

2) Suit

If you are wearing a 3-piece suit then you can simply follow the waistcoat style of wearing the pocket watch that we just discussed above. This means that you can wear the pocket watch with the vest under your blazer.

Or you can follow all the styles of waistcoats and try them with your blazer. Instead of hanging the pocket watch chain on the buttonholes of the vest, you have to hang it on your blazer.

You can also attach the pocket watch chain with the lapel buttonhole of your blazer and keep the watch in your chest pocket.

3) Casuals/Jeans

If you want to wear the pocket watch chain with casuals then also you can wear all three types.

Belt slide chains are specifically made for people that wear casuals therefore you can just slide it on your belt and keep the watch in your pants pocket.

The bolt ring can also be attached to one of the loops of your pants. And then the watch can be kept in the back or front pocket of the pants.

The T-bar pocket chain can be attached either with the buttonholes of your shirt or it can also be attached with the buttonholes of your jeans or pants. Then the watch can either be kept in the back pocket or in the front pocket.

Which Is The Best Pocket Watch Chain Type?

No pocket watch chain type is better than the others. As discussed, they are all designed keeping their usage in mind. All the pocket watch chains can be worn with all types of clothes. However, the T-bar pocket watch chain is specifically good if you want to wear the pocket watch with a waistcoat or suit. The belt side and bolt ring chain are good for wearing with casual wear like jeans.

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Why Do Pocket Watches Have Chains?

Pocket watches have chains so that they can be securely placed in the pockets and it is easier to take them out. They also add a style statement when worn correctly.

What Is The Chain That Holds A Pocket Watch Called?

The chain that holds the pocket watch is simply called the pocket watch chain.

Why Is It Called Albert Chain?

Albert chains were named after Prince Albert. He made this type of pocket watch chains popular and hence it was named after him.

Are Pocket Watch Chains Out Of Style?

Yes, pocket watch and pocket watch chains are out of style these days. Only a selected number of people wear them.

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