What Are Different Types Of Smartwatches

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Do you know what exactly a smartwatch is? If yes, then are you also familiar with how many types of smartwatches are available in the market?

Well, a smartwatch is basically a wearable smartphone for your wrist. Of course, a smartwatch’s display is not as up to the mark as a smartphone, but it is still really helpful with all the modern features.

The initial models of the smartwatches were limited to performing basic tasks such as calculations, translations, and digital time telling. On the other hand, modern smartwatches bring in some really exciting features that are usually offered by a smartphone. These features include calls and notification alerts, fitness and health tracking, and controlling multimedia apps. However, all the smart features can only be accessed by connecting your watch with a smartphone via Bluetooth.

That said, the features vary depending on the smartwatch’s type. For instance, a dedicated fitness smartwatch is more inclined towards fitness tracking apps and features. In contrast, a hybrid watch is a merger of traditional and modern smartwatches. Anyway, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish between different types of smartwatches. So, in this article, I’ve discussed all the smartwatches types in detail.

But, before coming to the main topic, I have tried to point out the important factors that you should consider before buying a smartwatch.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying A Smartwatch

1. Phone Compatibility

The first thing you should consider is that the smartwatch should be compatible with your smartphone. Whether you own an iOS, Android, or any other operating system powered smartphone, you should always invest in a smartwatch that works with your smartphone. Also, you should check whether your smartphone is up to date to work with your new smartwatch.

2. Battery Life

The smartwatches soak the battery faster than a normal wristwatch. And if you are using the LCD display for a long time to view images or if you are responding to the messages on your smartwatches, then undoubtedly, you cannot expect the battery to last longer. So, make sure to get a smartwatch that comes with good battery life.

3. Water Friendly

For some people, water resistance is a priority while buying a smartwatch, especially for those who are into water sports activities. Even people who are into sports want their watches to withstand body sweat. So, it’s really important for one to consider the water-resistance feature before spending money on a particular watch.

4. Replaceable Straps

To stand out from the crowd, try getting a smartwatch that comes with a detachable strap option. So, you would be able to replace the watch’s current strap with a strap that matches your mood.

Types Of Smartwatches

1. Basic Smartwatch

A basic smartwatch looks like a traditional watch when seen from a distance. However, it gives you some necessary smart features. For instance, it shows you notification and call alerts on the display, making things incredibly convenient for you. Besides that, it features no more than a stopwatch, alarm clock, and some other usual features. And because of the limited features, the basic or classic smartwatches flex a strong battery life.

2. Hybrid Smartwatch

Types of smartwatches

A hybrid smartwatch comes with an appearance of a traditional analog watch, but with an exciting twist. It can do both, such as it can give you a feel of a traditional watch and it also offers several smart features. The features include health tracking, navigation applications, notification alerts, and a lot more.

However, there are some dissimilarities between a hybrid smartwatch and a regular smartwatch.

When connected with a compatible smartphone, you’ll get alerted about calls & messages through vibrations on the watch. You can also assign a particular number on the dial to your contacts so whenever they will call, you will know the caller id beforehand by looking at the number watch hands are pointing to. It is especially useful when you are driving or in a crowded subway when you are unable to check your phone. To be more precise, a hybrid smartwatch is a mixture of a normal analog wristwatch and a modern smartwatch.

3. Fitness-Focussed Smartwatch

Fitness focussed smartwatch

A fitness focussed smartwatch also does a timekeeping job similar to the other types of smartwatches. However, a fitness smartwatch mainly focuses on fitness and activity tracking. And it helps you to maintain your fitness by encouraging you to achieve your everyday fitness goals. For instance, these types of smartwatches come with pre-installed workout animated videos, health sensors such as a heart rate tracker and sleep tracker. Moreover, these watches also feature an in-built GPS.

4. Specific Sports Focussed Smartwatch

Specific sports focussed smartwatch

There are several smartwatches that have been created keeping in mind some particular sports. From a distance, these look similar to fitness smartwatches. However, in reality, they come with some extra applications that might be required to excel in that specific sport.

An example of a golf-focussed smartwatch is Garmin’s Approach series, which brings in-built course maps to keep track of how many shots are taken by each hole. In addition to that, the Garmin auto shot helps you to monitor shot distances.

Another perfect example of these smartwatches types is the smartwatches made for mountain climbers. These smartwatches have a rugged appeal that can handle extreme temperatures. Moreover, they feature a display that can be easily visible under harsh sunlight.

The only drawback of these smartwatches is that they are usually high-priced if compared to any fitness smartwatch. Also, if you are not a regular at that sport then investing in a specific sports focussed smartwatch is not worth it.

5. Budget Smartwatches

smartwatch types

These smartwatches are perfect for people who want to buy a good smartwatch but do not have a high budget to own one. There are several smartwatches that are available under the price point of $50. However, you cannot expect it to offer plenty of smart features available in the higher-priced smartwatches.

The features of a typical low-budget smartwatch include notification alerts, GPS, or a fitness tracker that helps you keep an eye on steps taken or calories burnt during your fitness routine. You cannot download any extra apps in the smartwatch, so you have to be fine with the pre-loaded apps the smartwatch offers.

What Smartwatch Type Is The Best To Invest In?

Well, everyone has an individual taste and preference regarding a smartwatch. So, you should invest in a watch that you feel is good enough to fulfill your requirements. If you are a person who keeps fitness as their first priority, then you should get a fitness-focussed smartwatch. In contrast, if you are associated with any specific sport, then you should go for a specific sport-oriented smartwatch. And if you are low on budget then you should check for some budget smartwatches.


Can A Smartwatch Work Without Getting Connected To A Smartphone?

Yes, several smartwatches can be operated without connecting without a smartphone. These smartwatches use an eSIM or physical SIM to perform the operations and work using a cellular network.

Is It Possible To Respond To A Text Message On A Smartwatch?

Yes, it's absolutely possible to reply to a text message on a smartwatch. However, you'll generally find this feature on high-end smartwatches.

Is It Necessary To Keep Your Smartphone's Bluetooth Always On For Connectivity With Your Smartwatch?

Yes, the Bluetooth should be always kept on so that you can get the accurate information and notifications from your smartphone to your smartwatch.

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