Best Watches With Cyclops Lens To Magnify Date & Day

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Everyone wants a watch with an attractive and neat dial that can be read easily. That’s why most people buy timepieces with big-sized dials and luminous hands. But it doesn’t work in the case of a date window as most of the watches come with a small window for the date that makes it inconvenient to read.

To resolve this issue, the Cyclops lens was introduced in timepieces. If you don’t know about this feature then there is no need to worry because I will explain it separately in this article.

I know you have landed on this page just to know about the best watches with Cyclops lens for day and date window. You will be glad to know that I have done intense research to fetch the best picks and mentioned them in the list. But before exploring them, let me explain to you a little about the Cyclops window.

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What Is A Cyclops Date Window?

Cyclops lens was first introduced on Rolex Datejust watch in 1953 & it’s one of the many contributions Rolex has made to modern watches. The term Cyclops comes from the greek mythology character also named Cyclops. He is also known as the one-eyed giant & there are many inspirational cartoon characters inspired by the same.

Initially, cyclops date window used to be part of the dial’s glass but later when Rolex switched to sapphire glass it started to be made separately. Now, most Rolex watches with Cyclops lenses are glued to the dial’s glass & not fused into it.

Do All Rolex Have Cyclops Lens?

Today most Rolex line up that has a date window comes with a cyclops lens. Some Rolex users don’t like the cyclops lens. However, there is no shortage of cyclops fans as well.

Best Cyclops Date Watches Comparison Table





Ladies Watch With Cyclops Date

Rolex's Ladies watch with cyclops date

Rolex Oyster 34mm

  • Superlative chronograph certified for timekeeping

  • Automatic movement

  • 100m water resistant rating

Best Men’s Watch With Date Magnifier

ball rainbow men's watch with cyclops lens

Ball Marvelight Chronometer

  • Made of high quality 904L stainless steel

  • Micro gas tubes on watch hands for illumination

  • High magnetic resistance

Best Citizen Cyclops Watch

citizen chronograph watch with cyclops date

Citizen Chronograph Watch

  • 12/24 hour marking

  • Titanium build

  • Can be charged with Solar & Indoor lights

Seiko Dive Watch With Day Date Magnifier

seiko watch with day and date magnifier

Seiko Prospex Men’s Watch

  • Has Seiko Magic lever feature

  • Full wind lasts 35 to 40 hours

  • Hardlex glass for watch’s protection

The Best Watches With Date Day Magnifier

1. Seiko Prospex Men’s Watch

seiko watch with day and date magnifier

I am starting my list with the Seiko Prospex men’s watch that comes with the Cyclops day & date window. I know this doesn’t look like a dress watch because it doesn’t try to be one. It is more of a sports watch and that’s why it has a silicone strap. I liked the watch for its sporty looks (more on that later).

Since it’s a diver watch it has a water-resistant rating of 200m which means you can go snorkeling and diving with this affordable watch. I was able to wear the watch without any issues while doing recreational swimming & other similar activity.

Moreover, the dial has Lumibrite hands & hour markers that allowed me to read the time at dark. Although, they are meant to be used to read the time underwater as it is a pretty cool diving watch.

While this is not a Rolex or a Swiss movement watch but it does come with an automatic movement. It uses Seiko’s 4R36 movement which does a pretty good job of timekeeping. Another thing that makes this Seiko watch with magnified date special to me is the Seiko Magic lever feature.

To explain it simply, I was able to wind the watch in any direction which is a pleasant change as most mechanical watches wind only in one direction.

While using the watch, I found that a full wind lasted around 35-40 hours when not worn on the wrist. Timekeeping was also pretty solid on the watch as at max it only lost around +50/-50 seconds.

Talking about durability, this watch with cyclops date isn’t the best in class but given the price I found it to be decent. The watch comes with hardlex glass which is pretty good, not as good as sapphire but definitely better than mineral glass. All these features make this Seiko watch with Cyclops date one of the best dive watches with a day-date magnifier that you can buy for under $500.

The Good
  • Water-resistant up to 200m, so supports diving and snorkeling
  • Power reserve of 41 hours
  • Lumibrite hands and markers that glow in the dark
The Bad
  • Heavy watch

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2. BALL Marvelight Chronometer

ball rainbow men's watch with cyclops lens

The next watch that I tested is from BALL Watches which is an American brand but their watches are Swiss-made. This combination usually means high performance at a decent price. For instance, this watch offers high magnetic resistance which protects the movement from magnetic fields.

Moreover, this cyclops watch with a magnified date window is made of high-quality 904L stainless steel which offers high corrosion resistance. Also, during my usage, the sapphire glass prevented the dial from getting scratched.

I found out that it also has a screw-down crown & it is water-resistant up to 100m as well. Knowing that I was able to wear the watch without any worries in my day-to-day life without any issues. I mean who would like a watch that breaks down with a splash of water while washing your hands?

Another feature of the watch is micro gas tubes on the watch hands that make them illuminate at night. This specific model also has a luminous coating on the hour markers which lights up in different colors. This allowed me to read the time comfortably even at night. These amazing features make it a good package for watch lovers who want watches with magnifier lens without any compromises.

The Good
  • 43mm dial size
  • Chronometer COSC-certified watch
  • Shock-resistant watch comes with an anti-shock system
  • I found build quality to be good

The Bad
  • The colorful luminous coating might not be everyone’s tea

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3. Citizen Eco-drive Chronograph

citizen chronograph watch with cyclops date

If simple plain-looking watches are not your style & you prefer chronograph watches then I have this Citizen Chronograph watch for you. I loved wearing this watch on the days when I was looking for conversation starters. Every time I wore the watch, I definitely got asked about the chronograph dials.

Speaking of which, this watch comes with a 24hr sub-dial at the 9 o’clock position. At the 2 o’clock position is a chronograph that can track time activity up to 60 mins. The bottom chronograph is a feature dial that indicates the modes you have selected. So whenever I wanted to use a different feature I would need to pull the dial & select the option in the feature dial.

All these features are good but I absolutely love the titanium build of this Citizen watch. Not a lot of watches offer this build quality in the sub $500 price range. Not just that but this dive watch with Cyclops date can tolerate water pressure to 200m to keep its movement in a functioning state. Moreover, the Cyclops window displays the magnified date.

And, glass protecting the display is sapphire which is top-of-the-line glass when it comes to protecting the watch’s dial.

What makes this one of the great Citizen watches with Cyclops date is the Eco-drive function. It means the watch can be charged using solar & fluorescent light. All in all, I like the look of this bracelet watch from Citizen. It has a premium build & lot of features & the best part is I got this Citizen watch for less than $500.

The Good
  • Quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping
  • Water resistant up to 200m
  • Has a luminous coating on the watch hands as well
  • Can be charged using solar & fluorescent lighting
  • Titanium build with silver finish

The Bad
  • Non-savvy users might find the chronograph difficult to operate

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4. Seiko Prospex Padi Solar Watch

seiko paddi

The next cyclops watch that I have used is the Seiko Prospex Padi Solar watch. This watch is a special edition watch with solar charging, i.e. it generates power from solar energy. Another feature that makes this timekeeper long-lasting is its stainless steel body and Hardlex mineral crystal. This glass protects the watch from scratches but it isn’t as good as the sapphire glass found in the previous Citizen’s watch.

The cyclops lens on this watch is present at the usual location, above the date window & I found the date on the watch easy to read.

Since it’s a diving watch that’s why it comes with big watch hands & hour markers with a luminous coating. It allowed me to read the time underwater while going on scuba diving.

Moreover, the unidirectional bezel on the case helps you to track the diving duration. Besides all the diving-oriented features, this watch did a pretty good job of timekeeping as it comes with quartz movement. In my opinion, this is one of the best watches with a cyclops date window at an affordable price.

The Good
  • Big hour & minute markings
  • Comes with Seiko’s Hardlex glass for dial protection
  • Unidirectional bezel to time your dive or activities
  • Quartz movement for timekeeping

The Bad
  • Solar charging didn’t charge my watch sometimes

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5. Rolex Oyster Women’s Watch

Rolex's Ladies watch with cyclops date

Rolex is one of the most well-known & well-respected watch brands. I mean this brand has huge contribution to modern-day watches. And, that’s why Rolex watches are most sought after by collectors or anyone who knows watches. So this list of date magnifier watches would be incomplete if the pioneer of the cyclops watches is not on the list. Allow me to present to you the best Rolex watch with date magnifier from Rolex, i.e. Rolex Oyster watch.

This 34mm Rolex women’s watch comes with Swiss movement made by Rolex itself. And, it uses high-quality corrosion-resistant Oystersteel that ensures the watch looks gorgeous & maintains the look for a long time.

Moreover, this Rolex cyclops watch has domed bezels on the side which gives it a sophisticated look. Also, the watch comes with sapphire glass that protects the watch from scratches and occasional bumps.

Moving on from looks to performance, Rolex has developed a methodology to test its movement & see how well its watch movement performs in day-to-day life. It is known as Rolex’s Superlative Chronometer & you can see the labeling on the dial. This means that the watch meets the performance standard set by Rolex for timekeeping.

However, before you proceed to buy this thousand-dollar watch I would recommend reading the guide below.

Like most Rolex watches this one too has a 100m water-resistant rating which is more than enough considering it’s a dress watch. If your budget is good then there is no need to look for another watch besides this one.

The Good
  • Best-in-class Swiss movement
  • You can wear the watch during recreational activities
  • Small 34mm size of the watch
  • Does a pretty good job of timekeeping

The Bad
  • Expensive watch
  • Not suitable for above average wrist size

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6. Fossil Women’s Quartz Watch

fossil women's watch with magnified date

This Fossil watch for women is the cheapest watch with Cyclops date window on my list as it comes under $100. It is completely composed of stainless steel which makes it sturdier. To provide this timepiece more durability, Fossil has provided mineral crystal on it which prevents scratches on the glass. Also, it is water-resistant till 100m underwater and supports all surface-level water activities but not diving.

Moreover, the dial of the watch looks amazing with circular-shaped markers. The best thing about the watch is that it can be customized due to its interchangeable strap. You can replace the band with any other Fossil strap of your choice and alter the looks of the watch as you like it. This is the most affordable watch with Cyclops window, so you don’t have to think twice about your budget while buying it.

The Good
  • Interchangeable Strap for customization
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Water-resistant up to 100m
The Bad
  • Indices are not engraved on the dial, they are just stickers and can lose their stickiness

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7. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Watch 36mm

Rolex 36mm

The next Cyclops watch on the list is also from Rolex’s Oyster series but its size is a little bigger. But that’s not the only thing that sets it apart from the previous Rolex watch. Aside from being bigger, another big difference is the 18kt gold in the links of the strap.

Like all Rolex, this one too has an automatic movement & yet is only 12mm in thickness. The watch also has Rolex’s iconic fluted bezels that give the watch its sophisticated look. Obviously, this Rolex watch comes with cyclops lens date magnifier window as well which makes the date easy to read.

Movement on the watch also has Superlative Chronometer labeling which is Rolex’s hallmark for ensuring performance.

Recommended: Master Chronometer Vs Superlative Chronometer

This watch is also very comfortable to wear as it is not bulky like Seiko or Citizen watch. So if comfort is a priority & budget is not an issue then this Rolex watch with magnified date window is worth looking into.

The Good
  • 18karat gold used on the watch
  • Gorgeous fluted bezel
  • Automatic self-winding swiss movement
  • Can be a good investment

The Bad
  • Quite expensive

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Which Watch With Cyclops Date Is Best?

Rolex Oyster women’s watch is the best watch with Cyclops lens to magnify the date. This timepiece comes with a premium design due to the domed shape bezel and Oystersteel finish. Rolex manufactured this beauty with a superlative chronograph feature and water-resistant property to make its dial attractive. Also, the brand has given luminous hands and indices to it. But it’s not for all as we all know that it is a luxury brand and comes at a high price.

So, if your budget is low then you can pick the Seiko Prospex Padi Solar watch which comes under $500. This timekeeper uses solar energy as its power source which means it is never going to run out of juice. Due to its water-resistant characteristic of up to 200m, it becomes the best dive watch with a date magnifier. But keep in mind that it is heavy so only buy it if you have big hands.

Now, if you want a lightweight solar watch with a Cyclops window then you can go for Citizen Men’s watch. It consists of Eco-Drive technology which converts any type of light into its power source. In addition, a battery life indicator is present on the dial to keep you updated always.

I have mentioned the best watches with magnified date window on the list and I am sure that you would have picked your favorite one.


What Is the Cyclops Date On The Watch?

Cyclops date on the watch means that there is an additional lens present on the watch glass which magnifies the date window for convenient reading.

Can You Remove The Cyclops Lens From The Watch?

No, you can not remove it because if you try to do so then your watch glass may get some scratches or get completely damaged.

Who Introduced The Cyclops Lens In Watches?

Cyclops lens was initially introduced by Rolex in its watches to magnify the date.

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