Best Watches With Sweeping Second Hand

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Hundreds of features have been introduced in modern watches to make people’s life easy. Chronograph, scratch-protected glasses, water-resistant property, alarms, and other functions are making the timekeepers irresistible. But one thing that still irritates people is their ticking sound.

Most people have a habit to place their timekeepers beside their bed while sleeping. This habit sometimes disturbs their sound sleep as the noise of ticking is more audible at the night. That’s why most people prefer to buy watches with the silent second hand rather than the ticking ones.

I know you are also looking for a watch with such a feature. But before moving to the list, let me tell you how these watches function. What manufacturers do is that they construct watch’s gadgetry with a jewel to provide multiple numbers of smooth glides per second so that the second hand seems to be sweeping without making any noise. Hence, the timepieces that come with this type of machinery are known as sweeping second hand watches.

Here, I have done deep research and prepared a list of the best sweeping second hand watches. They belong to various brands and are available for men, women, and especially for the nurses so that patients don’t get disturbed by the watch sound.

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Cheapest Watch With Sweeping Second Hand

timex solar watch with sweeping second hands

Timex Expedition Acadia Watch

  • Solar Movement

  • Four Months Power Reserve

  • Tachymeter

Tissot Swiss Watch With Sweeping Second Hand

tissot swiss watch with sweeping second hand

Tissot T-one Men’s Watch

  • Date Window

  • Swiss Automatic Movement

  • Scratch Resistant

Seiko Sweeping Second Hand Watch

seiko sweeping second hand watch

Seiko Men’s SNK603

  • Date & Day Window

  • Luminous Hands And Markers

  • Hardlex Mineral Crystal

Nurse Watch With Sweeping Second Hand

seiko sweeping second hand watch

Kenneth Cole Watch

  • Skeletal Dial

  • Automatic Movement

  • Leather Strap

The Best Watches With Sweeping Second Hand

1. Seiko SNK603 Men’s Watch

seiko watch with sweeping second hand

This Seiko men’s watch comes with a smooth sweeping seconds hand so that you don’t need to tolerate that ticking sound anymore. Also hour & minute hands and the markers are luminous that glow in the dark for easy reading. Even there is a day & date window on dial to keep you updated about your appointments.

Moreover, the watch is composed of stainless steel with a fine finish that makes it sturdy. The brand has given Hardlex mineral crystal (a dedicated Seiko glass) on the case to make it scratch-resistant.

Furthermore, it is an automatic watch that means it keeps winding as per your arm movements. So there is no hustle to wind it manually every now and then.

Overall, this Seiko watch with sweeping second hands is a good package and comes at a low price point of under $100.

The Good
  • Luminous hands and markers
  • Day & Date window
  • Hardlex crystal to prevent scratches
The Bad
  • The watch case is small in size
  • Not suitable for swimming

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2. Bulova Men’s Accutron

mens watch with sweeping second hand

This sweeping seconds hand watch from Bulova is one of the best timepieces for Bulova fans. It comes with a small window that is spotted at 3 o’clock to display the date. The dial becomes more attractive with the luminous hands as well as the markers. Due to this feature, a wearer can easily read the time even at the night.

Another quality of this timekeeper is its mesh-design bracelet. This pattern of the strap provides it a classic look as well as makes it breathable. Talking about the watch’s build quality, it is made up of stainless steel to make it durable and long-lasting. Also, it comes with water-resistant property up to 100m that means it can easily bear water splashes while doing any water activity. But keep in mind that it doesn’t support diving.

According to me, this is an amazing Bulova watch with a sweeping second hand that you can buy especially for its metal mesh band.

The Good
  • Mesh-design bracelet
  • Luminous hands and markers
  • Date window
  • Japanese quartz movement for accurate timekeeping

The Bad
  • Pricey

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3. Casio Men’s Watch

casio watch with sweeping second hand

Casio is a well-known watch-maker around the globe. That’s why I have included a Casio timepiece on my list. The best quality of this watch is that you can go diving while wearing it. As it comes with water-resistant property which supports its functioning till 200m underwater. You can even check your diving duration with the help of its unidirectional bezel.

Moreover, the watch dial has radiant circular-shaped indices and hands that glow, so that you can read the time without any hustle deep underwater. Also, it is powered by the Japanese quartz movement which keeps the most accurate time. All of these features make the watch a must-have for divers.

Furthermore, it consists of a resin band that remains unaffected in the water and gives a good hold on the wrist. So don’t worry, unlike other watches, this will not slip off the wrist while doing water sports. Surprisingly, this Casio watch with sweeping second hand comes at an affordable price of under $50. So if you were looking for a cheap diving watch then this can be your best bet.

The Good
  • Unidirectional bezel to track diving duration
  • Water-resistant up to 200m to support diving
  • Affordable

The Bad
  • The watch starts to lose time after a while

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4. Tissot T-one Men’s Watch

tissot swiss watch with sweeping second hand

Tissot is one of the leading Swiss watchmakers in the world. So, here I am placing a Swiss watch with a sweeping second hand that works on automatic movement. It means that this timepiece self-winds with movements of your arm.

Also, you can see in the picture that the silver dial has two separate windows; one to display the date and another for the day. The dial becomes more attractive with its sweeping second hand that doesn’t irritate you with any ticking noise. Its smooth rotation seems like a movement of a car wheel on the highway with no speed breakers.

To protect its dial, Tissot has provided sapphire glass protection that prevents scratches from casual hits, and bumps. Also, it is resistant to water till 50m due to which it can tolerate water splashes, rain, and sweat conveniently. This property makes this timekeeper more durable and long-lasting. If your budget is good then this can be the best watch with a sweeping second hand that consists of rich features like day & date windows and automatic movement.

The Good
  • Sapphire glass to prevent scratches
  • Separate windows for date and day
  • Self-winding watch
The Bad
  • Gains or lags time after a while

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5. Kenneth Cole Nurse Watch

nurse watch with sweeping second hand

Timepieces with sweeping second hand have been known as part of the Nurse’s uniform as it helps them to track the exact time during a medical check-up. Also, the patients do not get irritated because of the ticking sound of the watch.

This Kenneth Cole timekeeper also comes with sweeping second hand and therefore makes a good watch for nurses. It is made of stainless steel that makes it durable. Moreover, this watch consists of mineral crystal that provides it protection from the scratches and daily wear and tear.

Talking about the strap, its leather strap gives it a formal look and a comfortable grip on your wrist which is a good match with your uniform. Also, the watch’s dial is skeletal which makes it more attractive and eye-catchy.

Furthermore, it comes with a water resistance rating of up to 50m which means it remains unaffected from moisture and sweat. This fascinating timepiece is available at an affordable price of under $200. So you don’t have to worry about your budget while buying it.

The Good
  • Skeletal dial
  • The leather band provides comfort and give it a formal look
  • Mineral crystal glass to prevent scratches
The Bad
  • Nothing as such

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6. Timex Expedition Acadia Unisex Watch

timex solar watch with sweeping second hands

This Timex watch comes with a unisexual design that means it is available for both men and women. A special feature of this watch is that it runs on solar power. Also, it comprises of 4-months power reserve which allows the watch to be functional for a long time without recharging it.

Moreover, the watch has a 24-hour time format with a date window. The sweeping second hand on the dial also gives it a cool look. Coming down to its build, there is an acrylic crystal given to the watch which protects it from knocks and smacks. Whereas the watch case is made up of resin to make it lightweight and durable. Also, the fabric band of this timekeeper gives a good hold on the wrist.

This Timex timepiece is resistant to water splashes, rain, and moisture to make it long-lasting. Also, I could not end this description without mentioning that it is the cheapest solar watch with a sweeping second hand on my list.

The Good
  • Solar powered
  • 4-months power reserve
  • Good looking watch

The Bad
  • Watch material is not satisfactory

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7. Bulova Men’s Precisionist watch

bulova watch with sweeping second hand

This Bulova men’s watch with a sweeping second hand is a Precisionist timepiece. Precisionist is a dedicated feature of Bulova that represents quartz movement with a sweeping hand. These types of watches are very rare because the sweeping hand is usually not found in quartz watches.

Talking about the design, its case is made up of stainless steel to make it sturdy whereas the leather strap gives it a formal look. Also, the watch consists of a swirl-design dial that gives it a unique look. You can also see that there is a date window on the watch face to remind you of the special occasions and meetings.

Moreover, the watch can tolerate water splashes as well as raindrops as this timepiece is water-resistant up to 30m. But do not wear it during swimming or snorkeling because it is not suitable for that. Overall, this is one of the best Bulova watches that you can pick for around $200 that comes with a silent watch hand movement.

The Good
  • Precisionist movement
  • Unique dial pattern
  • Also shows date with time

The Bad
  • Watch is heavy

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Which Sweeping Second Hand Watch To Pick? Verdict

According to me, Timex Expedition Acadia is the best watch with sweeping second hand. As it is a solar watch that uses light as a power source and also comes with a 4-months power reserve. This is a special feature that is not found in most watches.

If you are a fan of skeleton watches then you can pick Kenneth Cole timekeeper. It consists of a skeletal dial and leather strap which give it a lovely look. In spite of having a go-through dial, 2D indices are also present on the watch face. Moreover, you can buy this watch at an affordable price.

Bulova Accutron is also a good pick because this watch comes with a unique and eye-catchy mesh-design bracelet. Also, it supports swimming and other surface water activity which makes it demandable among water-sport lovers.

I have concluded the watches as per my choices but you can explore according to your budget as well as your desired features in the watch.


Does Every Automatic Watch Sweep?

Most of the automatic watches come with a sweeping second hand. There are only a few automatic watches in the market that do ticking.

How Does Sweeping Seconds Hand Work?

Automatic watches consist of jewels in their gadgetry, due to this the seconds hand glides multiple times per second. This creates an illusion of smooth sweeping by the hand.

Can A Quartz Watch Sweep?

No, a quartz watch doesn’t sweep as they only tick per second. This happens due to the vibrations of their quartz machinery. However there are very few quartz watches like Bulova Precisionist which has sweeping hands.

How To Find Best Watch With Smoothest Sweep?

To find the smoothest sweep watch, you must know how many times the watch’s second hand is gliding per second. The more the glides/sec the smoother will be the sweep.

Which Is The Cheapest Sweeping Second Hand Watch?

Timex Expedition Acadia is the cheapest watch with sweeping second hand. It comes at an affordable price of under $50.

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