Wearing A Smartwatch And A Regular Watch: Is It Ok Or Weird?

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Do you want to wear a smartwatch and a regular watch at the same time? Are you wondering whether it is ok to do so or not?

In this article, I will tell you whether conventional watches and smartwatches go hand in hand or not. Moreover, I will help you decide whether you should do it or not.

So let’s get started!

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What Is It Called When You Wear Two Watches?

Wearing A Smartwatch And A Regular Watch

When you wear two watches at the same time then it is called double wristing. Yes, there is actually a term for this.

Double-wristing is not a new trend and people have been doing it for a very long time. Earlier, people used to wear two mechanical watches, then they started wearing analog and digital watches. And since smartwatches are taking the market by storm so people have started wearing a smartwatch and a regular watch. So irrespective of what kind of watch you are wearing, if you are wearing a watch on both of your wrists then it is called double wristing.

Can You Wear A Smartwatch And A Regular Watch At The Same Time?

Two Watches

Yes, you can wear a smartwatch and a regular watch at the same time. There is no thumb rule that says whether you should do so or not and there is nothing wrong with it as well.

Traditional timepieces have their own charm, and people who like them own multiple watches. But we are in the 21st century and smartwatches are taking over the market. They offer a lot and come at a cheaper cost when compared to watches from big brands. They can help you monitor your health, stay in shape and do a lot more. But when it comes to charm then they are nowhere close to regular watches. They do offer clock faces that can match the overall look of a traditional watch but they fail to offer the same feel.

However, if you want modern features to track your body and fitness and also love regular watches then why not own both? But the question is can you wear a smartwatch and a regular watch at the same time? Or will it look weird?

Well, the answer to this depends on the individual. If you think that you can pull it off then you can definitely wear a smartwatch in one hand and a regular watch in another. However, if you yourself are not comfortable then people are going to notice this and it will look weird. Having said that, there are many celebrities around the world that do double-wristing. Some were even seen wearing two regular watches at the same time. I personally think that it is ok to wear a smartwatch and a regular watch at the same time. And I will tell you its benefit to prove why it is ok.

Benefits Of Double Wristing

Double Wristing

Let me help you a little bit more by telling you some of the benefits of double-wristing so that you can decide for yourself.

1) Best Of Both Worlds

The first benefit obviously is that you are getting the best of both worlds. You have your health and fitness monitored all the time and you have a regular watch to light up your dress and give you the feel you desire.

2) Bold Appearance

When you wear a smartwatch and a traditional watch at the same time then it really gives a bold statement to others. It says that you are as modern as somebody can be but you are also as traditional as someone should be. People will know that you have a different taste that not many possess. It also says that you are bold enough to wear what you think is better for you irrespective of what others think.

3) Always On Time

As silly as it may sound but it does really portray to other people that you are very punctual. As a result, people will not keep you waiting. In fact, having two watches does make you more time conscious and punctual.

4) Style Statement

As weird as it may sound but wearing a regular watch and a smartwatch at the same time conveys that you have a very different style statement. It also conveys that you are conscious about your health as well as your style statement.

If you will just wear a smartwatch then you will not feel that it is doing justice to your overall dress or attire. However, a conventional luxury watch can really uplift your style statement. Wearing both at the same time will overall uplift your attire. Because generally, people wear something on their right hand like a bracelet or band to balance out their overall attire.

Is Wearing Two Watches Stupid?

No, wearing two watches is not stupid and it actually depends on personal taste. Some may consider it stupid while on the other hand it is fascinating for others.

As discussed, wearing a regular watch and a smartwatch at the same time is a personal preference. It can be stupid for some and for some it is not at all stupid. I personally feel that it is actually wise. Even I will consider wearing a traditional watch to complement my overall outfit and I will also wear a smartwatch to monitor my day-to-day activities.

In fact, there are some professions in the world that demand wearing two watches. Like you must have seen a soccer referee wearing two watches on the field. It is not for style but is actually to solve a problem. Therefore, I think wearing two watches is not stupid.


Is It Fashionable To Wear Two Watches?

Yes, some people consider wearing two watches fashionable.

Can You Wear Apple Watch And Watch At The Same Time?

Yes, if you want, you can wear Apple Watch and watch at the same time.

Is It Ok To Wear A Regular Watch And A Smartwatch?

Yes, it is ok to wear a regular watch and a smartwatch.

What Is Double Wristing?

Double-Wristing is when you wear watches in both of your wrists.

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