Wellue O2Ring Review: Accuracy, App Experience & Features

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Wellue O2Ring


Build Quality




Water Resistant




SpO2 Tracking Accuracy


Value for Money



  • Accurate sleep, pulse, & Spo2 tracking
  • Reasonably priced
  • Option to export detailed report & share it
  • Supports Windows, Mac, Android, & iOS device
  • Lasts 10 to 12 hours on single charge
  • Ring is made of expandable rubber like material
  • Can be used without creating an account
  • Vibration alert to wake user up if SpO2 or pulse rate falls below set level


  • Feels Little big on hand
  • No other size option available
  • Splashproof at best

Features like blood oxygen tracking on smartwatches or wearables were considered to be gimmicky for a long time. However, with rapid advancement in technology, we all are witnessing that it’s not true & wearables are a lot more accurate today.

There are a lot of healthcare brands like Wellue that are making health vitals monitoring easy. I was recently requested by one of our readers to do an in-depth Wellue O2Ring review & share my thoughts on it.

My first impressions are this is not your ordinary smart ring like Oura, it is, in fact, a highly advanced blood oxygen monitor. It monitors health vitals like blood oxygen & pulse rate that are simply not available on most of Wellue O2 ring competitors.

However, questions that arise in everyone’s mind are, “How accurate is the Wellue O2 ring?”. Is Wellue a good brand? And, so on.

That’s why after using it for a month I am ready to tell you how is the Wellue O2 ring’s accuracy, app experience, & more. So without any further delay let’s start with the Wellue O2 ring review.

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Quick Takeaway
Wellue O2 Ring is targeted toward users who are looking for a device that allows them to monitor their heart rate & blood oxygen levels accurately. During my testing, I found it does a pretty decent job of tracking both the health vitals. There are only a few downsides like average battery life.

Is Wellue A Good Brand?

Before I start the Wellue O2 ring review let me answer this question first. Wellue is a Diamond Bar, California-headquartered healthcare brand. This brand is known for making portable healthcare monitoring devices like smart rings, portable ECG monitoring devices, blood pressure monitors, & so on.

All in all, it is a good brand that makes medical-grade devices for consumers.

Wellue O2Ring Oxygen Monitor Review

Let us first look at the Wellue O2 Ring specifications.

Wellue O2Ring Specifications

Wellue O2Ring

Software Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS, Android 5.0 & above, iOS 9 & above

Battery Life: 10 to 13 hours, 2-hour charging time

Ring Size Compatability: 2.0” – 3.2”/ 50-82mm

Build Quality: The ring is made of elastic rubber-like material which can be expanded according to ring size.

Water Resistant Rating: IP24 – Splashproof at best

Dimension Of The Ring: 1.5” x 1.2” x 1.5”

Tracking Capabilities: Blood Oxygen, Heart Beat Per Minute, & Motion

Supported Third Party Platforms: Apple Health & Google Fit

Memory: Can Save 4 Sessions Of 10 Hours

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Build Quality & Display

Wellue O2Ring review

Most portable blood oxygen monitoring solutions are not comfortable to wear while sleeping. Traditional blood oxygen monitors can fall off & some blood oxygen monitors have wires.

Wellue here has designed a ring that ensured that I didn’t face this issue when I wore the watch. All I had to do was simply wear the ring before I went to sleep & it starts Spo2 monitoring.

One downside of the ring is that it is a little big but this is not jewelry to show off. Also, I think decreasing the ring size would have resulted in compromising accuracy or battery size.

The ring size of the watch is adjustable as it is made of rubber material which can be expanded according to your ring size. Supported ring size according to Wellue is anyone who has a ring size between 2.0” – 3.2”/ 50-82mm. However, I don’t think it is for users who have very slim or big fingers.

While it may look like this ring might weigh a lot for a ring but that’s not true. Wellue O2 ring only weighs 15 grams so it wasn’t uncomfortable to wear while sleeping.

Talking about the physical features of the ring, it has a display & button next to the screen at the top. The display shows blood oxygen level & heart rate level on the screen in real-time.

You can adjust the brightness of the screen to low, medium, & max using the Wellue O2 Ring app. Like smartwatches, the ring also has the option to enable the always-on display to continuously track the data on the screen. However, this feature significantly decreases the battery life of the ring. Plus I find any light distracting while trying to sleep so I set the screen settings in timeout mode.

Wellue O2 ring also has a micro USB charging slot at the top of the screen. It is used for charging the ring & transferring data to a PC if you are using the ring with your computer instead of your phone.

One downside, in my opinion, is the IP24 water-resistant rating which makes the ring splashproof at best. I think the low IP rating is due to the ring’s micro USB port at the top location. While it can be hidden using the rubber enclosure but it doesn’t make the ring water-resistant. Submersion should be avoided as it is splashproof at best.

So here are the key takeaways from the build quality section

  • The ring is lightweight & weighs 15 grams only
  • Rubber ring material makes it adjustable
  • Has a screen to track blood oxygen & heart rate in real-time
  • Micro USB cable for charging
  • Not water resistant only splashproof
  • Ring display can be used in timeout mode & always-on display mode

Wellue O2 Ring App, Features, & Accuracy Review

O2ring features

Enough about the build let’s talk about the Wellue Ring accuracy & app experience. Let’s first start with the data you get when you wear the watch.

Blood Oxygen Or SpO2

Wellue O2 Ring accuracy

O2 on Wellue O2 ring stands for oxygen & blood oxygen monitoring is the USP of the watch. This Wellue O2 ring can continuously track your blood oxygen level every 4 seconds. And, I was able to read the data on the screen in real-time.

Wellue O2 ring blood oxygen monitoring is pretty good as I compared the ring with an oximeter in real-time.

Moreover, you get nice & clean-looking charts/graphs showing your blood oxygen trends. So I was able to monitor my blood oxygen trend while sleeping & check the graph the next day. The ring also has a vibration alert feature that makes the ring vibrate if your Blood oxygen falls below the set threshold by you. It can be a great supplement device for anyone who has issues like sleep apnea.

However, I would like to tell you that it is not a device meant for medical or disease diagnosis. It can supplement other equipment you might be using but it should not be used as the main device.

Besides Spo2 monitoring, the watch also awards a Wellue O2 score out of 10. Scores indicate your lung health or chances of developing any disorder.

Heart Beat Per Minute/ Pulse Rate

O2Ring review

The next important health metric that the Wellue O2 ring tracked is the heartbeat per minute. It is a useful metric to monitor to see if your heart rate is rising or falling drastically. Like blood oxygen monitoring, you too can set vibration alarms for pulse rate as well. So if the heart rate falls or rises below the set level then the ring will start to vibrate to wake you up.

You will find even more data in the Wellue O2 ring iOS or Android App. I am going to discuss them & other features available one by one.

  • Using the app, I was able to see my O2 score, lowest O2 score, average, lowest, & highest blood oxygen level.
  • Similarly, the Wellue O2 app also tracks heartbeat per minute, average, lowest, & highest heartbeat per minute while sleeping.
  • Graphs showing your heart rate, pulse rate, & the number of times you moved while sleeping.
  • The app also offers the ability to export reports showing advanced data such as SpO2 trends while sleeping, the number of times SpO2 fell below 90%, drops per hour, & more.
  • Advanced features like the ability to turn on always on display, adjust the screen brightness, or increase the ring’s vibration setting are available in the Wellue O2 ring app.
  • You can also connect the app to the Apple Health app & Google Fit to sync your data there.

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Wellue O2 Ring App Download & Setup Process

The official app for Android is named Vihealth app & it is available for both Android & iOS devices. You can also connect the ring to a Windows computer or Mac by downloading the software through the Wellue O2 ring website.

To set up your Wellue O2 Ring App follow the steps below

  • Install the Vi Health app on your phone & open it.
  • A prompt will pop up asking you to agree to the terms & conditions. Agree to proceed & then tap on Get Started.
  • On the next screen, you will be asked to log in, sign up, or proceed without creating an account using local mode. Select the appropriate option for you, I would recommend signing up if you want to back up data to the cloud.
  • On the next screen, you will be asked to connect the ring to your phone.

I didn’t face any issues while setting up the app. The ring comes with Bluetooth 4.0 technology and supports Android & iOS.

Battery Life

During my testing, I found that Wellue O2 Ring takes 2 hours to charge. Once charged I was able to use the watch for 10hr to 11hr continuously. So I had to charge the ring almost every day because I sleep for 7 to 8 hrs. If I didn’t then I wasn’t able to use the ring the next day to track my sleep.

It might seem like a bad battery life at a glance but blood oxygen tracking is very heavy on the battery. I mean there is a reason why popular smartwatches like Apple lacks continuous blood oxygen monitoring. It’s because the feature drains the battery & considering that I will say the battery life on the Wellue O2 ring is very impressive.

Wellue O2Ring Pricing

O2Ring is priced at $179 but currently, at the time of writing this review they are running a $30 discount on it and you can grab it for $159. You can get an additional 10% discount on top of this by using an exclusive coupon for Wearholic readers: WEAR10.

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Should You Buy Wellue O2Ring?

Wellue O2Ring

Yes, you should buy the Wellue O2 Ring as it is pretty good. I have tested plenty of dedicated sleep-tracking devices but this one stands out. It is the only one that offers continuous blood oxygen monitoring. And, you can even export the report of heart rate & blood oxygen to see if you experiencing any particular issue.

This is also a great device that you can consider wearing besides your sleep apnea mask.


Is The Wellue 02 Ring Accurate?

Yes, during my usage I found the Wellue O2 ring to do a phenomenal job of pulse & blood oxygen tracking. Plus, you are supposed to wear it on your thumb which produces the most accurate readings.

Is Wellue O2 Ring FDA Approved?

No, Wellue O2Ring is not FDA approved. That said, most pulse oximeters in the market are not FDA-approved. Wellue O2 ring claims accuracy of the blood oxygen & heart rate tracking is within a 2 percent margin of error.

How Does O2 Ring Work?

Wellue O2 ring shines a light on your finger that passes through it and makes the finger glow. After that, the ring uses data from the light passed to determine your blood oxygen level.

Is Wellue Legit?

Yes, Wellue is headquartered in California & is known for making various portable consumer grade approved medical devices.

What Is Wellue O2 Score?

Based on your blood oxygen drop per hour, average, max, & low oxygen levels Wellue O2 gives you an O2 score. This score reflects your overall health.

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