What Do The Fitbit Symbols & Icons Mean?

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Do you want to know what different Fitbit symbols and icons mean?

If you own a Fitbit watch and don’t know what is getting displayed on its watch face then you are at the right place. In this article, I am going to tell you what are Fitbit symbols. Not only this, but I am also going to tell you what the Fitbit icons mean and what they represent. These symbols are almost the same on every Fitbit watch, be it Sense, Versa, Charge, or Inspire.

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What Are The Fitbit Icons?

Let us first understand what actually are the Fitbit icons.

Smartwatches have a small screen, right? Therefore there is a limited amount of space available to show things. But what should smartwatch manufacturers do to show more information on a small smartwatch screen?

The answer lies in the symbols and icons. Smartwatch manufacturers like Fitbit, use symbols instead of text to represent information. Why not text you ask?

Well, the text has to be big enough to be easily readable by everyone, right? However, if you increase the size of the text then it will take up more space on the screen, especially if there is more than one word.

So instead of using text, Fitbit uses icons to represent information. This way the small screen can be used to display more useful information.

Fitbit Symbols & Icons Meaning

Let me now tell you about the different symbols in Fitbit watches and what they represent.

Fitbit Icon

Fitbit Symbol Name

Fitbit Icon Meaning


This symbol represents your heart rate. The number beside this icon on your watch face shows your current heart rate.


This icon represents the number of hours you were asleep.


The Flame symbol shows you the number of calories that you have burnt.


This symbol represents the distance that you covered while walking or running.


The Shoe symbol represents the number of steps you have walked.


This icon represents the number of floors you have climbed.


Smartwatches come with NFC payment support. The wallet symbol in Fitbit represents the Fitbit Pay app that you can use to make wireless payments.


This icon represents the Do Not Disturb mode. When turned on, you will not get notifications.

Water Lock

This symbol represents the water lock mode. You can turn on/off water lock mode on Fitbit. When turned on, this mode prevents accidental touches when your watch comes in contact with water.


The Settings icon represents the settings menu of the watch.

Quick Settings

This symbol represents the quick settings menu that can be accessed from the home screen.

No Phone Connection

This icon represents that your Fitbit watch is not connected to any cell phone right now.

Alarm Clock

The clock symbol represents the alarm that you have set for a later time.

Three Upward Arrows (Chevron)

This icon represents your Active Zone Minutes. Active Zone Minutes is the time for which you had an elevated heart rate. This zone can also be called the calorie or fat-burning zone.

Lightning Bolt

The Lightning Bolt represents the active minutes. When you do moderate intensity exercises for at least 10 minutes continuously, then the time will be counted in your active minutes.

So these were some of the most common Fitbit icons that you will see on your Fitbit watch face on a regular basis.

I hope you have got your answer if you were wondering about the Fitbit fire, chevron, moon, heart, lightning, etc. symbols meaning?

Other than these symbols, you will also see a lot of other symbols for exercises and apps too. However, I don’t think I need to tell you about their meaning as the exercise name will be mentioned in front of its symbol and you will know the icon of the app that you will install.

Have Fitbit Symbols Changed?

Yes, Fitbit icons have changed over the years. However, the number of icons that have changed is very few in number. The symbols that I have shown you above are all the latest icons.

Having said that, the older version symbols are not much different from the latest ones. And if you will see an older version icon then you will recognize it in a jiffy.

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What Does The Three Arrows Mean On Fitbit?

The three arrow symbols represent the time for which you are doing fat-burning exercises like cardio.

What Does The Fitbit Fire Symbol Mean?

The Fitbit fire icon represents the number of calories you have burned so far.

What Does The Moon Symbol Mean On Fitbit?

The moon symbol on Fitbit denotes the number of hours you were asleep.

Are The Symbols On All Fitbit Watches The Same?

Yes, all the icons on Fitbit watches are almost the same, be it Fitbit Sense, Versa, Inspire, or Charge.

What Is The Lightning Icon On Fitbit?

The lightning symbol represents the minutes you were active throughout the day.

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