What Is A Homage Watch & Is It Legit?

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Do you want to know what homage watches are? Are you wondering whether you should buy a homage watch or not?

This article will be very helpful to you in case you want to know about homage watches. You will get to know what is a homage watch, how it is different from a replica or counterfeit watch, and if homage watches are legal or not. Not only this, but you will also get to know about some of the best homage watch brands. And at the end of this article, I will also tell you if you should buy a homage watch or not.

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What Is A Homage Watch?

What Is Homage Watch

What do you understand from the word ‘homage’?

It basically means to pay respect or honor someone publicly, right?

This literal meaning applies to homage watches as well. Homage watches are watches that pay homage to an already existing watch, generally a luxurious or high-end watch. They take inspiration from other timepieces and generally look the same as the watches that they take inspiration from.

For eg., a homage watch that has taken design inspiration from a Rolex Submariner will look almost identical to it.

Replica Vs Homage Watch

Now that you know what homage watches are, the next question that must be arising in your mind is: How homage watches are different from replica or counterfeit watches? Are homage watches the same as replica watches?

No, homage watches are not replicas or counterfeit watches. There is a huge difference between the two.

As discussed earlier, homage watches take inspiration from existing popular watches. However, they do not pretend to be the watches that they take inspiration from. The homage watch has its own brand and logo. If a homage watch is taking inspiration from any Rolex watch, then you will not see the name and logo of Rolex on it.

On the other hand, replicas or counterfeit watches are just copies of original watches. Replica watches pretend to be the original ones. If you see a replica of a Rolex watch then you will find the branding of Rolex all over it. In fact, you will not be able to figure out which is the original one between the two, until and unless you know how to tell if a Rolex is real.

Yes, homage watches are considered to be legit. Although, there have been a lot of conflicting views about this topic. There also have been some cases where companies have sued the homage brands, but these cases are very few in number and companies generally do not sue homage brands.

Homage brands also find loopholes while making homage watches by making subtle changes in the watch. So that the watch is not technically the same as the original watch. However, the customer will not be able to differentiate between the two watches easily.

Why Are Homage Watches So Cheap?

The price of Homage watches is generally very less as compared to the watches that they take inspiration from. This is because of the following reasons:

1) Low Materials Cost

Homage watch brands generally make use of cheap materials to make watches. This reduces the cost of homage watches by a huge margin as compared to original watches.

2) Manufacturing Of Watch Movement

While original watches generally make and use their own watch movements, homage brands do not manufacture movements for their watches. This again saves a lot of research and development costs that a brand invests to make their movements top class.

3) Copy Design

Technically, homage watches copy the design of other costly watches, right? So they again save on the investment that a brand makes to make its watches look good and stand apart.

4) Cheap Labor Rates

Most of the homage brands have their manufacturing in China, where labor rates are very cheap. Therefore homage brands also save on the cost of manufacturing.

5) Type Of Watch Movement

The watches that homage watches take inspiration from generally have mechanical movements. On the other hand, homage watches run on quartz movement. If you don’t know then let me tell you, quartz movements cost very less as compared to mechanical movements.

Best Homage Watch Brands

Let me tell you about some of the best homage watch brands available in the market today.

1) Steinhart

Steinhart Ocean

Steinhart is a German watch brand and if you were wondering whether Steinhart is a homage brand or not then here is the answer for you. Yes, Steinhart is a homage watch brand.

If you really want to buy a homage watch that takes inspiration from a costly watch and also provides quality at the same time then Steinhart is the brand for you. Its watches cost less than $500 and are of really good quality. The materials that Steinhart uses to make its watches include sapphire glass, ceramic bezels, etc.

2) Invicta

Invicta is an American company that offers a wide variety of watches. Its watches cost as low as around $30 and some of its watches also costs as high as $1000. You can find good Invicta watches for under $100.

It offers both homage watches and watches that it designs on its own. When it comes to affordable and cheap watches with good quality then Invicta scores very high. Why are Invicta watches so cheap or why some of the Invicta watches are expensive? These two questions are food for your thought and topics for another article.

3) Pagani Design

Pagani Design

Pagani Design is also one of the most popular homage brands among people. People who love cheap and affordable copies of some of the most famous watches out there prefer Pagani Design.

Like Invicta, Pagani Design also has a wide variety of watches and not all of them are homage watches. Its watches generally cost in the range of $50-$150. And its popular homage watches take inspiration from the likes of Omega Speedmaster & Rolex Submariner.

4) Loreo


If you like Rolex watches and their design then Loreo is the homage brand for you. It is mainly popular for copying all Rolex watches. From Submariner to GMT to Daytona, you will find a homage watch for all of them.

Other brands that Loreo takes inspiration from are Patek Philippe and Tag Heuer. You will be surprised to know that I have even seen a Loreo watch for $1 on Amazon. And its maximum-priced watch that I could find was around $150. You will also find some unique-looking Loreo watches that only Loreo knows where it took inspiration from.

5) Parnis


Parnis, like other homage brands, takes a lot of inspiration from the brands like Rolex and Omega. But what it stands out for is providing the unbranded homage watches. Yes, if you like the look and feel of the watches from brands like Rolex and Omega but do not like to have any other company’s tag on the watch then Parnis is the brand for you. The watches from Parnis generally fall into the price range of $100-$300.

Should You Buy A Homage Watch?

Are you still confused about whether you should buy a homage watch or not? Let me help you.

If you have money to buy an original luxury watch then you should go right ahead and buy one. But if you do not want to spend big on a watch then you should buy a homage watch. Homage watches are affordable alternatives for people that like the look and feel of luxury watches from the brands like Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Patek Philippe, etc.

Remember not to go for a replica or counterfeit watch. Owning these watches is not legal. However, owning a homage watch is legal.

Also remember to go for a good homage watch brand, like the ones I shared with you earlier. Because good homage brands do not only provide a watch that looks like a luxury watch but also provide a good quality watch. They provide you with a watch that can last for years.

However, there are some drawbacks to owning a Homage watch too. Firstly, you will not get a good resale value if you try to sell it. Secondly, watch aficionados will term it a replica and may even make fun of you(if you have friends like me).


What Is Rolex Homage?

Rolex homage is the watch that looks like a Rolex watch.

Is Steinhart A Homage Brand?

Yes, Steinhart is a homage brand.

Are Homage Watches Illegal?

No homage watches are not illegal.

Are Homage Watches Any Good?

Yes, homage watches are good if you buy a good homage brand like Steinhart, Pagani Design, Loreo, Invicta, etc.

Why Are Homage Watches Legal?

Because they do not pretend to be the original watches, rather they just take inspiration from other watches.

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