What Size Watch Should I Wear?: Wrist Watch Size Guide

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Whenever we go shopping, we never buy a dress that doesn’t fit us properly or pay for a shoe that is one size bigger or smaller than our feet? Well, the same goes with a watch. If you have a wide wrist then a small wristwatch might not fit, and if you have a small wrist then a large watch may not look good.

Watches are not only used for keeping a check on time nowadays, but they have become an essential tool for our everyday life. Interestingly, it is almost a piece of jewelry that men and women can gladly wear; hence it should always be of the exact fitting.

Before buying a watch, the question that arises in your mind is ‘How to measure the wrist size for a watch?’ And it is perfectly normal to get confused while looking for a watch for your exact wrist size. Hence, to avoid any confusion, in this article, I’ve mentioned all the details that would help you to know what size watch your should wear and how to measure your wrist size.

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Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Size Watch?

Size matters everywhere. For instance, a flat in an apartment doesn’t have a door that is similar in size to a large villa. Similarly, you will not see a truck with a tire similar to a bike. And, if they do, it will look abnormal, right? That’s the reason why everything looks good when it comes in the right size.

what size watch to wear

Have you ever given it a thought that why we wear clothes that fits and why don’t we wear an outfit that’s two or three sizes bigger for us? What will happen if we wear bigger or smaller clothes? It’ll look second-class, right? Then why don’t we apply the same concept before buying a watch?

Like clothes and shoes, a watch also has to be the right size. Don’t forget that a watch is not just for the time-telling purpose; it is an essential tool that reflects your personality.

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying A Perfect Size Watch For Your Wrist

1. Case Structure

Case structure or shape plays a vital role that should be kept in mind before purchasing a wristwatch. To explain it further, let’s assume there are two round watches with a case of similar size. One watch has a round dial with a thin bezel, and the other one comes with a thick bezel.

watch case sizing

Interestingly, both the watches come with a case that has the exact measurement. However, their size might not look similar because the watch with the thick bezel looks smaller in general, whereas the thin bezel makes a watch looks bigger.

The same goes with the square and rectangular-shaped watches. It doesn’t matter if the cases have the same size; the rectangular and square-shaped timepieces generally look bigger in front of the circular ones.

In fact, every design piece of the watch, such as the crown, the lugs, strap width, hands, and markers, affects the way the case structure is looked upon.

2. Case Diameter

The second crucial thing to be noticed is the case depth or diameter. You might have seen that bulky watches look good on wide wrists and sleek watches look good on thin wrists.

To be more precise, if your wrist measures somewhere around 14-19cm then a watch that offers a case diameter of 38mm to 42mm is good to go. On the other hand, if the measurement of your wrist is beyond 19cm, then proceed with a larger case such as 44mm to 46mm.

It’s also important to note that a watch’s type also affects its case diameter. For instance, you must have observed that a quartz watch comes with a thin case and an automatic watch comes with a thick or larger case. You must be wondering why so? Actually, automatic watches have more complicated mechanical movements that need more space to accommodate.

So, if you prefer an automatic watch over a quartz watch, then you have no choice but to handle a watch with a larger case diameter.

3. Strap’s Material & Width

Lastly, I would suggest that you don’t miss out on checking the strap’s width and material while looking for a watch of the correct size. As I mentioned above that everything should be in the correct size. Now, let me tell you that the strap’s width should always be around 50% of the case diameter. If the manufacturer chooses to add a thin strap with a larger case, or the case diameter and strap’s width is almost similar in size then it obviously won’t look visually attractive.

Furthermore, let’s talk about how the strap’s material could affect the watch size. Well, the strap made up of fabric or leather seems to be more slender compared to the metal bands/bracelets. So, in my opinion, people with tiny wrists should go for the leather or fabric bands, and those who have broad wrists can opt for metal bands.

strap material

How To Measure Your Wrist For A Watch?

To find a watch with a suitable size, you must be aware of your wrist size. It doesn’t matter if you have a broad or thin wrist; you can always find a watch with the perfect size. However, while looking for a timepiece, many of you might wonder how you can measure your wrist size. Well, don’t fret because I will help you in that regard.

  • Take a measuring tape and wrap it around the narrow area of your hand. Now, you will come to know the exact size of your wrist.
  • However, you can also measure the wrist size for a watch without measuring tape by using a strip of paper as an alternative.
  • Wrap it on your wrist and with the help of a pen, make a mark where both ends meet.
  • After that, unwrap it and flatten it next to a ruler and note the measurement.

Following these steps will help you order a watch online without even trying it on. This can save your time as you won’t have to wander from one shop to another. And you also get a variety of options to choose from while sitting in the comfort of your home.

How To Pick A Perfect Watch For My Wrist Size?

Here, I will discuss how to choose a perfect watch for one’s wrist. Let’s get started:

  • If you have small wrists then you can pick a watch that comes with a minimalist design and slender strap that does not look bulky.
  • Sporty watches with a large case and wide strap would look good if you have broad wrists.
  • Thin leather/fabric bands or metal bracelets with no so huge case look good on thin or medium-sized wrists.
  • A massive case with a heavy metal band or a wide leather strap looks good on a big wrist.

Wrist Watch Size Guide

I think that the above information would be good to proceed further. Now, below I have summed up the size information in the form of a comprehensible watch size guide – an easy-to-understand graphic for the watch enthusiasts who are looking for a well-sectioned watch.

watch size guide

What Size Watch Should I Wear?

Well, there is no standard set for a perfectly-sized watch. All you have to do is always consider the factors mentioned above when buying a wristwatch. And still, if you are doubtful about the size then the size guide chart has got you covered. You can go through the graphic, and it will help you to find a perfect watch size.

Also, don’t forget to check the additional factors such as lugs, hands, markers, and so on, as they can also impact the size of a watch.


What Is A Perfect Size Of A Watch?

There is no standard size that you would call a perfect size. Generally, a slender watch would look attractive if you have a small wrist. On the other hand, the larger case would be good enough for the thicker wrists.

What Factors Should Be Considered Aside From The Case Size/Diameter And Strap Size/Material?

It is essential to check some of the other factors such as lugs size, size of the hands, markers, and crown size. In short, all the design components of a watch equally affect the watch size.

What Should Be the Right Size Watch Look Like?

A right-sized watch comes with a strap width that is 50% to the case diameter. Nothing more or less than that will be referred to as a perfect watch.

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