Which Wrist To Wear A Watch On & Why?

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Wristwatches are popular among people since the 20th century. However ever since then, there is a doubt in people’s minds that which wrist is better for wearing a watch the left or the right one?

Basically, you can wear a watch on either wrist be it your left or right hand as there is no hard and fast rule that you should wear it on a particular wrist. However, people mostly prefer wearing a watch on their left wrist as it is their non-dominant hand. But there are also people who wear it on their right hand to make a style statement or just to look different from the crowd.

So whether you are male or female you have full liberty to wear a watch on whichever wrist you want. But there are some logical and scientific reasons why most people wear it on their left hand which you will learn in this article.

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Why People Generally Prefer Wearing A Watch In Their Left Hand?

Over 90% of the world population are right-handed and therefore most people prefer wearing a watch on their left wrist. As there are many benefits of wearing a watch on your non-dominant wrist such as:

1. It Reduces The Risk Of Damages

Wearing a watch on your left wrist makes it less susceptible to accidental damages as you don’t do much work with your non-dominant hand so the risk of the watch breaking down is always less.

2. It Is Convenient

When you wear your watch on the left hand it becomes very convenient for you to do daily tasks like writing and playing games like tennis, golf, etc.

Also, some watches like mechanical watches need to be winded in regular intervals to keep them running. For winding the watch you need to rotate the crown. However, on most watches, the crown is given on the right side of the watch so it is only convenient for you to wind it without taking the watch off if you wear it on your left wrist.

3.  Better Accuracy Of Smartwatch Sensor

Smartwatches these days come with a lot of sensors which are used to track your health such as heart rate sensor and pulse oximeters. These sensors work best on a still hand so if you want accurate readings you should wear your smartwatch on your non-dominant hand which in most cases is your left hand.

War History Behind Wearing A Watch On Left Hand

war history

Behind all the benefits of wearing a watch on the left hand, there is also a history behind it how the left wrist becomes the favorite place for a wristwatch. Before the 20th century, only women used to wear a wristwatch, and men used to carry pocket watches.

In a war, a soldier used to carry a leather pouch in which they used to keep their pocket watch because it used to be big in size. They would tie the pouch around their left arm as it protects the watch from damage and also makes it easy to read the time at a quick glance. Ever since then, the tradition of wearing a watch in the non-dominant has started and after the wristwatch become popular everyone started wearing them on their left hand.

Is It OK To Wear Watch On Right Hand?

Yes, it’s totally fine to wear a watch in your right hand as long as you are fine with it. If you are left-handed then the right hand becomes your less dominant hand so you can definitely wear a watch on it.

Moreover, you can wear a watch on your right hand for a style statement at parties and functions as it makes you look different from others. Also at parties, when you shake your hand with others your watch will get noticed if you wear it on your right wrist. So based on the situation you can wear a watch on your right hand and there is nothing wrong with it.

Psychology of Wearing A Watch On Right Vs Left Arm

psychology of wearing watch in left vs right arm

Most people won’t know but psychology also plays a role in why some people like wearing a watch on the left wrist while others prefer right.

According to psychology, those who prefer wearing a watch on their left hand even if it is not their non-dominant hand are cheerful and outgoing. Also, such people have superior logical and spatial abilities when compared with people who prefer wearing a watch on the right hand.

While the right-hand watch wearers are considered to be more creative and people with high emotional values. Also, such people are more practical when compared to one who wears a watch on their left wrist.

Final Verdict – Which Is The Best Wrist To Wear A Watch?

So after going through this article, we have concluded that you should wear a watch on your non-dominant hand now the hand is left or right it doesn’t really matter. Overall, the left hand is considered best for wearing a watch as it is the non-dominant hand for most people out there.


Should Male And Female Wear Watch On Different Wrist?

No there are no such rules as anyone can wear a watch on whichever wrist they want. However, according to psychology the right part of the brain is associated with feminine behavior therefore some women like wearing a watch on their right hand. 

Why Do Girls Wear Watches On The Right Hand?

Girls like to wear a watch on their right hand to make style statements and look unique.

Why Do Right-Handers Wear Watch Left?

It’s because for them their left hand is the non-dominant hand and it is better to wear a watch on your non-dominant hand than the dominant hand.

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