Who Makes Tudor Watches

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Do you want to know who makes Tudor watches? Are you wondering if Tudor watches are made by Rolex or not?

Tudor has really grown in popularity over the last decade and it is kind of becoming a go-to brand when it comes to affordable luxury watches. But who actually owns Tudor, who makes its watches and watch movements? Are they Swiss-made?

Do not worry, in this article, I am going to answer all the questions regarding the manufacturing of Tudor watches and their movements.

So keep reading!

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Is Tudor Owned By Rolex?

Before we talk about who makes Tudor watches, let us first know who owns them.

The biggest misconception that people have about Tudor is that it is owned by Rolex.

However, this is not true and Tudor is not owned by Rolex.

Who Owns Tudor Watches?

Are Tudor Watches Made By Rolex

If Tudor is not owned by Rolex then who owns Tudor watches?

Tudor is not owned by Rolex but both companies have a very strong association. Tudor was founded by the same person that founded Rolex. And his name was Hans Wilsdorf.

Today Tudor is owned by the same foundation that owns Rolex, i.e. Hans Wilsdorf Foundation.

You can know more about Tudor and its history by reading my Tudor watches review article.

Are Tudor Watches Made By Rolex?

If you will read the above-mentioned article then you will know that Hans Wilsdorf founded Tudor to sell affordable luxury watches. These watches were supposed to be made using high standards of Rolex but at a cheaper price.

So in the initial days of Tudor, its watches were made using several parts of Rolex watches. And nowadays it is not so clear whether Tudor uses these watch components or not. However, if you look at Rolex and Tudor watches then you will find a lot in common.

So it is safe to say that Tudor watches are not made in the Rolex factory. However, Tudor does use some watch parts of Rolex.

Having said that, Tudor uses its in-house built watch movements only and its watch movements are not at all manufactured by the Rolex.

Who Makes Tudor Watches?

Who Makes Tudor Watches

Well, like most watch manufacturers, Tudor manufactures its own watches. It may use some of the watch parts from Rolex, but the finalization of watches is done at Tudor’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Therefore, Tudor makes its own watches.

Who Manufactures Tudor Watch Movements?

Tudor used to source its watch movements from ETA SA. However, in 2015 Tudor announced that it is going to make in-house movements for its watches. And nowadays, 100% of Tudor watch movements are manufactured by Tudor itself. Tudor also claims that all of its movements are COSC-certified watch movements. And not only this but are 40% more accurate than what is required to get the certification.

Are Tudor Watches Swiss Made?

Are Tudor Swiss Made

Yes, Tudor is a Switzerland-based watch manufacturer and it is considered to be one of the best Swiss watch brands. It has its headquarters as well as factories in Switzerland itself. Therefore all the Tudor watches are Swiss-made.


Does Tudor Make Its Own Movements?

Yes, Tudor makes its own movements.

Are Tudor Watches COSC Certified?

Yes, all Tudor watches are COSC certified.

Are Tudor Watches Made In Switzerland?

Yes, Tudor watches are made in Switzerland.

Is Tudor Still Owned By Rolex?

No, Tudor was never owned by Rolex.

Are Tudor Watches Made In The Rolex Factory?

No, Tudor watches are not made in the Rolex Factory.

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