Who Owns Amazfit? It’s Not Who You Think!

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Do you want to know who owns the smartwatch brand Amazfit and where is it based?

Amazfit has really grown in popularity when it comes to making feature-rich, affordable, and value-for-money smartwatches. But do you know where is it situated and who owns it? Is it owned by Xiaomi? Or is it Owned by Amazon? If you do not know the answers to these questions then do not worry, you will find them in this article.

So let’s get started!

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Is Amazfit Owned By Amazon?

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This is probably the first question that comes to everyone’s mind when they hear the name Amazfit. There is a lot of similarity between the names Amazfit and Amazon and that is why people keep asking the following questions:

  • Is Amazfit owned by Amazon?
  • Is Amazfit made by Amazon?
  • Is Amazfit an Amazon product?
  • Is Amazfit from Amazon?

And answer to all these questions is a big No. Amazfit is neither owned nor made by Amazon. However, you can buy Amazfit smartwatches from Amazon.

Is Amazfit Owned By Xiaomi?

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The next question that arises in people’s minds is: Is Amazfit owned by Xiaomi?

No, Amazfit is not fully owned by Xiaomi but it is one of Amazfit’s investors and owns around 14.5% of the company. Also, the wearable technology that is used by Xiaomi in its smartwatches and smart bands is provided by none other than Amazfit.

Who Owns Amazfit?

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Amazfit is a Chinese smartwatch company and it is headquartered in Beijing, China. So if you were wondering if Amazfit is a Chinese company or not then here is your answer.

Amazfit is owned by Zepp Health Corporation. Zepp Health is a rebranded name of Huami Technologies and the rebranding was done recently in February 2021. This company was founded by Mr. Wang Huang in December 2013 to develop and manufacture smart wearable devices. The brand Amazfit was launched by the company in September 2015 to sell its smartwatches.

Zepp Health has achieved many of the milestones in a very short amount of time and some of its major milestones are as follows:

  • Opening of the first US office in CA in 2015
  • Launching of the world’s first smart wearable chip in 2018
  • Listing in the New York Stock Exchange in 2018, making it the first Chinese smart hardware innovation company to be listed on the US capital market
  • Partnership with PAI Health
  • Forming an AI research institute in 2020
  • Partnership with Prudential to deliver new health products and services in 2020
  • Partnership with Aspen Imaging Healthcare in 2020
  • Collaboration with Royal DSM on health tracking and wearable technology
  • Partnership with Promaxo
  • Strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services for health data storage
  • Introduction of next-generation smart wearable chip and smartwatch OS

Is Amazfit Worth Buying?

Yes, Amazfit smartwatches are definitely worth buying. Amazfit has made a mark for itself when it comes to affordable smartwatches like Amazfit Neo. The number of features and accuracy that Amazfit smartwatches offer considering the price point is really hard to match. So you can definitely choose an Amazfit smartwatch and you will not regret it.


Which Company Makes Amazfit?

Amazfit watches are made by Zepp Health Corporation.

Is Amazfit A Good Brand?

Yes, Amazfit is a good brand when it comes to making feature-rich and affordable smartwatches.

Which Country Brand Is Amazfit?

Amazfit is a Chinese smartwatch brand.

Is Amazfit Now Zepp?

No, Amazfit is a sub-brand of Zepp Health Corporation.

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