Can You Buy Cheap Wholesale Rolex Watches, Dial, Or Bands?

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Rolex is one of the most well-known Swiss luxury watch brands. They are usually quite expensive, so everyone wants cheap wholesale Rolex watches. However, does Rolex even sell watches at wholesale prices? That’s precisely what I have answered in this article.

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Rolex exercises tight control over the price of its watches all over the world. The only one who can buy Rolex at wholesale prices is authorized dealers who make millions of dollars in investment. There is no way you will be getting a Rolex watch at a cheap price at a dealer. Therefore, it’s impossible to buy wholesale authentic Rolex watches.

Is There A Way To Buy Cheap Wholesale Rolex Watches?

Wholesale rolex watches

If everyone can buy cheap wholesale Rolex watches then without a doubt Rolex will lose its value. It will be just another mass-market quartz or automatic watch with no uniqueness. Also, that’s why there is usually a huge mismatch in Rolex watch supply compared to demand in the market. It creates scarcity which increases the Rolex watch’s value even more.

Usually, you & I will have to pay over MSRP if I want to buy the latest Rolex Daytona or Submariner. Forget wholesale, most Rolex watches are even not available in stock at retail prices.

The only person who can buy wholesale men’s Rolex watches at wholesale prices are retail dealers. And, they need to spend thousands of dollars to maintain stock, staff, store, & other operating costs. Also, Rolex watches are not sold at discounts in stores unless you are a regular customer & have good relations with the sales rep. Even then the discount offered is rarely more than 8%.

Can You Buy Wholesale Rolex Dials?

Unfortunately, Rolex doesn’t provide spares to distributors or third-party repair shops. Rolex insists that the spares of their watches should be changed by the professional working at Rolex’s factory.

The only way to get your hand on cheap wholesale Rolex dials would be through third party sites. However, there is no guarantee that the Rolex dial is actually a genuine part. Plus, there is usually no Rolex paper or documentation confirming its authenticity.

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One benefit that Rolex owners have is that there are a lot of third party generic wholesale Rolex dials available to buy online. They are usually of decent quality & come very close in terms of looks & feel.

Can You Buy Wholesale Authentic Rolex Watch Bands?

Like dial, Rolex also doesn’t sell Rolex Watch Bands in wholesale to retailers or third party repair shops either. Who knows you might modify your Datejust to look like a Daytona if genuine parts are readily available.

If you want to get a new Rolex watch band you would need to go to an authorized service center or to an authorized Rolex dealer. He will first verify whether or not you have a Rolex watch & then order a replacement strap for you.

Similarly, you can only get watch bands made specifically for your model. Don’t expect to buy a watch band that is used on Rolex Daytona or Submariner while you own a Datejust or vice versa.

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Does Rolex Sell Watches In Wholesale In China Or Hongkong?

Rolex wholesale watch in China

I recently wrote a blog on Rolex market analysis & found that China & Hong Kong are the 2nd biggest market for Swiss watches after the USA. However, due to the effects of the pandemic, overall sales have declined in China.

Does that mean Hongkong/China is a cheap place to buy Rolex watches at discount?

Actually, the answer is no! Rolex watches usually have a waiting list & most models that are usually available are Rolex lady’s watches or Datejust. The only way you can get the latest midrange or top of the line Rolex watch is if you are willing to buy above MSRP pre-owned Rolex watch.

There are reports about the booming second hand luxury watch market in China but Authorized dealers don’t often offer good deals to new customers. So if you visit China for the first time looking for a good discount then you will be disappointed.


There are plenty of good reasons why you will never get cheap wholesale Rolex ladies’ or men’s watches in China, Hong Kong, or any other part of the world. It allows Rolex to maintain its brand name & ensure you have a good buying experience. This is the reason that you don’t even get cheaper Rolexes in Switzerland.

If your friend or online pal is sharing with you the best place to buy wholesale authentic Rolex watches then it is probably a scam. Or the watch in question is repaired with third-party parts which are indistinguishable from the original one.

The point is if the deal is too good to be true then most probably that is exactly the case.


Are Rolexes Cheaper In Hong Kong?

No, Rolex is not cheaper in Hong Kong but pre-owned Rolex models tend to be a little easier to find.

Does Rolex Use Wholesalers?

No Rolex does not use wholesalers, distributors, or any other middleman to distribute their watches.

Can You Buy A Rolex From An Authorised Dealer?

Yes, you can only buy a brand new Rolex from an authorized dealer if it is in stock.

Can I Just Walk In & Buy A Rolex?

For most Rolex models there is a waitlist to buy as most models are usually in shortage. Some models like Datejust or pre owned watches may be available to buy there.


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