Why Are Breitling Watches So Expensive

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Are you wondering what makes Breitling watches so expensive? Or want to know if Breitling watches are worth the money they demand?

It is always a combination of factors rather than just a single one that makes any watch expensive or cheap. In this article, we will look at all the different factors that make Breitling watches expensive.

So without wasting further time let us look at these factors.

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Why Are Breitling Watches So Expensive?

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1) Heritage

The rich heritage and history of any company reflect the kind of expertise the company has in making the product. Breitling is one of the few companies in the world that come with a long history of watchmaking. It was established in the year 1884 and will complete 140 years of existence in a few years. This makes it one of the oldest watch manufacturing companies in the world and hence watches from Breitling are expensive.

2) Build Quality

The materials used to make Breitling watches are some of the costliest in the world. Breitling watches’ cases and bracelets are made up of stainless steel, titanium, platinum, and even gold. Their watch glasses are generally made up of sapphire crystal and the inner parts are generally replaced by expensive jewels. Therefore, using these materials actually costs Breitling a hefty amount of money to manufacture a watch. If you hold a Breitling watch in your hand then you will know that it is made up of some of the finest materials in the world and the high price will seem justifiable.

3) Precision And Accuracy

Breitling watches run on their in-house built calibers and the watch movements are generally certified as chronometers. In fact, even the watches running on quartz movement of the brand are chronometer certified. Therefore, Breitling watches do what they claim of doing i.e. keeping the time precisely and accurately. Needless to say, making accurate watches costs money which is then passed on to the customers.

4) Swiss Made

Why Are Breitling Watches So Expensive

Breitling watches are made in Switzerland and it is a Swiss-based company. In fact, it is one of the oldest Swiss-based watch manufacturers in the world that is known to make accurate chronograph watches from its very beginning. And you know what they say in the watch industry, if it is Swiss made then it is supposed to be costly. Because making a watch with bare hands takes time, expertise, and money.

5) Feature Rich

Breitling watches offer more features and functionalities when compared to other watch manufacturers. These features include accurate chronograph, tachymeter, perpetual calendar, etc. More features mean more complexities in the watch which further means a high cost of manufacturing. And needless to say, a high cost of manufacturing means a high selling price.

6) Exclusivity

Breitling invests heavily in making its watches exclusive, it is known to often come up with limited editions. And people pay a premium to buy watches that are neither owned by many nor will be owned by many. All this exclusivity increases the overall price of the watches.

7) Famous Celebrity Endorsements

Breitling advertises its watches aggressively and you can see many famous celebrities wearing a Breitling watch. You can see the likes of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, and Matt Damon wearing a Breitling watch. So if a well-known celebrity is wearing a particular brand then it naturally increases the overall brand value of that particular brand and people think of it as a luxury brand.

Are Breitling Watches Good Investment?

Yes, Breitling watches are an excellent investment. Breitling is one of the oldest Swiss watch manufacturers in the world that uses superior quality materials to manufacture its watches. Watches from Breitling are extremely precise and accurate and they are even worn by some well-known personalities in the world. They are also feature-rich and offer excellent value for money. In fact, you do not have to empty your pockets if you want to purchase a Breitling watch.


Are Breitling Watches Overpriced?

No, Breitling watches are not overpriced. In fact they offer a good value for money when compared to other luxury watch brands.

Is Breitling Worth Buying?

Yes, Breilting is definitely worth buying. It offers excellent build quality, features and that too at a very reasonable price point.

Who Wears Breitling Watches?

Breitling watches are worn by the likes of Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, David Beckham etc.

Is Breitling A Luxury Brand?

Yes, Breitling is one of the most well-known luxury brand around the world.

What Is Special About Breitling?

Breitling is one of the oldest Swiss watch manufacturer in the world that makes excellent chronograph watches in the world.

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