Why Are Garmin Watches So Expensive?

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Are you wondering why Garmin watches are so expensive? Do you want to know whether buying a Garmin watch is worth it or not?

In this article, I will share with you the different factors that contribute to making Garmin watches expensive. Not only this but I will also tell you if Garmin watches are reliable and whether you should buy one or not.

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Why Are Garmin Watches So Expensive?

Why Garmin Watches Are Expensive

If you are planning to buy a new smartwatch and checked out Garmin watches then you must be wondering about the question: Why are Garmin watches so expensive?

Other companies seem to be offering the same things for a much lower price. So what is it that Garmin is offering for which it is demanding a high price?

Well, there are multiple reasons why Garmin watches are expensive, let me tell you about them one by one.

1) High-Quality Material

Garmin Fenix 7

Garmin uses some of the finest and high-quality materials to make watches. Garmin uses metals like Titanium, which is one of the strongest and costliest metals. And it also uses sapphire crystals to make the glass top. Not many smartwatches come with sapphire crystal and Garmin watches are a few of them. If you do not know then let me tell you, sapphire crystal is a type of glass used in watches, it is one of the toughest crystals in the world.

High-quality materials obviously come with a cost, which increases the overall cost of Garmin watches.

2) Feature Rich

Almost all Garmin watches available in the market come loaded with features. From tracking your health and activities to the features like TOPO maps. It even offers features that are not available on other smartwatches. For eg., there are not many smartwatches with TOPO maps available in the market but Garmin watches offer it. There are also some specific features that are focused on a specific set of people like the Ski maps, which also makes it one of the best watches for skiing. This feature is not easily found on other watches.

More features mean more cost and therefore Garmin watches are expensive.

3) Tracking Accuracy

Many people around the world buy smartwatches so that they can keep track of their health as well as fitness, right? And when you are measuring these things, you need accurate results. Well, Garmin is known for the accuracy of its tracking, whether it is health or fitness. It offers one of the most accurate heart rate as well as sleep sensors in the world. Garmin watches with heart rate sensor are considered some of the best in the world.

You must have heard good things come at a cost. The same applies here, Garmin is so good at what it does that it commands a premium over other smartwatches available in the market.

4) R&D

As discussed, Garmin offers a lot of features and also offers watches that are very accurate in measuring things. Garmin is usually the first to introduce new features to the world. Adding new features to the tiny little thing requires a lot of research and development. Garmin does a lot of R&D to introduce new features in its watches and to increase their accuracy.

And a lot of research and development requires a lot of manpower and resources. This R&D cost is also passed on to the customer making Garmin watches expensive.

5) Activity Tracking

Garmin Data

Garmin is known for its activity tracking. Many athletes around the world use a Garmin smartwatch for tracking their training because of its activity-tracking accuracy. The plethora of data that the Garmin watches provide when it comes to activity tracking is just unmatchable.

Right from the basic stuff like step tracking to advanced analytics like body battery energy monitor, Garmin shows it all. This is one of the reasons why Garmin smartwatches are so expensive.

6) GPS Accuracy

Why Are GPS Smartwatches So Expensive

Have you ever wondered why are GPS watches so expensive?

They are expensive because they can measure your running, cycling, trekking, hiking, etc. accurately without the need for a smartphone GPS. And Garmin makes use of multiple satellite navigation systems. This not only makes use of GPS to track location but also uses other satellite navigation like GLONASS, and Galileo. Using multiple satellite navigation systems makes Garmin smartwatches far more accurate compared to smartwatches that only use GPS. This in turn makes the Garmin watches so expensive compared to other smartwatches.

Are Garmin Watches Reliable?

Yes, Garmin watches are very much reliable. As discussed, it uses one of the best materials to make its watches and offers very accurate health and activity tracking. This makes it one of the most reliable smartwatches available in the market today. If you buy a Garmin smartwatch today then you do not need to worry about a smartwatch for at least 3 years.

I am using Garmin Forerunner 245M myself. It has been 1.5 years and I haven’t faced any issues with it. It even provides the same battery life that it provided on day one. You can check out my long-term review video of the Garmin Forerunner 245M below if you want.

Is It Worth Getting A Garmin Watch?

By now you must have understood why Garmin watches are expensive and must have figured out whether they are worth buying or not. But if you are still confused, then let me help you out.

Garmin smartwatches offer a host of features that you will find in a smartwatch. And when it comes to health and activity tracking, then also it is one of the best available in the market. Not only this but it also offers multiple satellite navigation that is also very accurate.

So it does not matter whether you want a smartwatch to track your health and activities or want a companion to take on your adventure trips, Garmin watches are worth buying.


What Is Special About Garmin Watch?

Garmin watches offer deep insights into health and activity tracking, which not many smartwatches provide.

How Many Years Will A Garmin Last?

You can expect a Garmin watch to last at least 3 years.

Are Garmin Watches Durable?

Garmin uses some of the best and costliest materials to make its smartwatches making them one of the most durable smartwatches.

Is Garmin Good Brand?

Yes, Garmin is one of the best smartwatch brands when it comes to health and activity tracking.

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