Why Are Glycine Watches So Cheap?

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Do you want to know why Glycine watches are so cheap? Are you wondering about the reason behind the cheap prices of Glycine watches?

Glycine watches seem to offer a lot of value for money. But why are these watches offering so much and demanding a very low price as compared to their counterparts? If you are looking for answers to these questions then you are at the right place. In this article, I will tell you exactly why Glycine watches are available at a lower price. Not only this but I will also tell you where they are made and if Glycine is still a good brand or not.

So keep reading!

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Are Glycine Watches Made In China?

Glycine Watch

All the products that are made in China are usually cheaper, right? So does it mean that Glycine watches are available for a cheaper price because they are made in China?

No, Glycine watches are not made in China. Contrary to this, Glycine watches are actually made in a country that is known for having one of the highest labor rates when it comes to making watches.

Where Are Glycine Watches Made?

I am sure that you must have guessed where Glycine watches are made.

But if you haven’t then let me tell you. Glycine watches are actually made in Switzerland. Yes, you read that right. The factory of Glycine is located in Bienne, Switzerland, and all the Glycine watches are manufactured there.

In fact, you will be surprised to know that Glycine is a very old Swiss-based watch manufacturer and was founded by Eugene Meylan in the year 1914. Yes, you again read that right, Glycine has a heritage of more than 100 years in watchmaking. And to date, all the Glycine watches are only made in Switzerland.

Why Are Glycine Watches So Cheap?

Why Are Glycine Watches So Cheap

Now that you know all Glycine watches are made in Switzerland, I know you must be thinking: It is not at all common to see a Swiss-based watch manufacturer with such an old heritage selling watches at such affordable prices. What could be the reason behind its low prices and why I haven’t heard of this Swiss brand before?

Well, you have not heard of Glycine watches before because they do not do as aggressive marketing as some of its competitors do. And before we look into the reasons behind the low prices of its watches, let me tell you its watches used to be available for a much higher price than they are available right now.

The reasons behind the low prices of its watches are as follows:

1) No In-House Watch Movement Development

The biggest contributor to the low prices of Glycine watches is that they do not make movements for their watches on their own, anymore. However, the movements used in their watches are still Swiss-based. As they procure the watch movements from companies that are based out of Switzerland.

Manufacturing watch movement requires constant research and development which in turn requires a lot of money. Glycine saves on this cost by outsourcing the watch movements.

2) Owned By Invicta

Glycine was acquired by the Invicta Watch Group in 2016. This acquisition kind of changed people’s perception of the brand. People thought that the quality of the Glycine watches will reduce as they have been purchased by Invicta which is known to manufacture cheap watches. In fact, you will find many Invicta watches for under $100.

However, there are many reasons why Invicta watches are so cheap, and these reasons do not seem to apply to Glycine. It has managed to keep a separate identity from Invicta but this has surely made changes to the strategy of Glycine as a brand.

Nowadays, Glycine is focusing on being the best entry-level to mid-range Swiss watch manufacturer. Therefore it is offering its watches at a much lower price point than it used to.

Is Glycine Still A Good Brand?

Glycine Combat Watch

Now that you know Glycine is owned by Invicta, so the question that arises is: Is Glycine still a good brand?

Yes, it is still a very good watch brand and you should definitely buy its watch if you are considering buying an affordable Swiss-made watch.

It is outsourcing watch movements but these movements are still made in Switzerland and are of high quality. Also, Glycine does not compromise when it comes to the quality of raw materials used to make watch parts. You will find the case and bracelet of Glycine watches to be made of 316L Stainless steel and the watch glass to be made up of sapphire crystal. These are one of the best materials used in watches to make watch parts. In fact, to assure you, Glycine watches come with a 2-years warranty.

So overall the quality of the Glycine watches has not been downgraded over time but the prices of its watches have surely decreased marginally. If you are planning to buy one then you should go right ahead without any doubt, you will not regret it.


Are Glycine Watches Reliable?

Yes, Glycine watches are all Swiss-made therefore you can say that they are reliable.

Are Glycine Watches Still Made In Switzerland?

Yes, Glycine watches are still made in Switzerland.

Is Glycine Owned By Invicta?

Yes, Glycine is owned by Invicta.

Does Glycine Makes Its Own Movements?

No, Glycine does not make movements for its watches.

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