Why Are Invicta Watches So Cheap On Amazon?

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Have you found a good-looking Invicta watch on Amazon or any other site and are now wondering why Invicta watches are so cheap? Do you want to know if Invicta watches on Amazon are fake or real?

Invicta manages to tick all the right boxes when it comes to affordable watches. And sometimes they seem so good to be true that you might want to know why are Invicta watches so inexpensive? In this article, I am going to tell you just that. Not only this, but I will also tell you why some Invicta watches are so expensive, whether it is a Chinese brand or not, and if they are worth buying.

So keep reading!

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Is Invicta A Chinese Brand?

The first assumption that people have about Invicta after seeing the prices of its watches is that it must be a Chinese brand. However, this is not true.

No, Invicta is not a Chinese brand. You will be surprised to know that Invicta was started by Raphael Picard in Switzerland in 1837. Yes, the roots of Invicta originated from Switzerland and it was a Swiss watch brand till 1991. It was in fact one of the most popular Swiss watch brands till the 1970s. But then the Japanese Quartz Movement was launched and it marked the downfall of several companies including the Invicta.

In 1991, Invicta was sold to a US-based company and since then it became an American brand. Therefore contrary to what is believed, Invicta is not a Chinese brand.

Are Invicta Watches On Amazon Fake Or Real?

Are Invicta Watches On Amazon Fake

Another assumption that people have after seeing the heavily discounted prices of Invicta watches on Amazon, eBay, or other websites is that they are probably fake. However, this is not true. Amazon does not sell fake watches, in fact, it has very strict anti-counterfeiting policies in place to prevent the sale of fake products on its website.

So if Invicta watches on Amazon are real then the question that arises is why are Invicta watches always on sale? Or why they are so cheap on Amazon, eBay, or other websites?

Invicta watches are cheaply available on Amazon, eBay, etc. because they are actually cheap. You will get to know the reason behind this in the next section of this article. And the heavy discount that you see on these websites is actually a marketing strategy that sellers on Amazon or eBay follow. They intentionally keep the prices high and then give discounts to match the market price of Invicta watches. Why do they do this, you ask?

Because people are naturally more attracted to heavy discounts. It gives them a sense of saving money. And everyone wants to save money in this world, right? So the next time you see an Invicta watch that is heavily discounted on Amazon then it does not mean that it is fake.

Why Are Invicta Watches So Cheap?

Why Are Invicta Watches So Cheap

If real Invicta watches are available for affordable prices on the websites like Amazon and eBay then the question that arises is: Why are Invicta watches so inexpensive?

There are multiple reasons behind the cheap prices of Invicta watches. Let us look at them one by one.

1) Invicta Does Not Make Their Own Watch Movements

One of the biggest factors that contribute to the inexpensive price of Invicta watches is that the company does not make its own watch movements. They purchase their watch movements from other companies and they purchase them in bulk. Bulk purchases reduce the overall cost of a watch movement.

Making an in-house watch movement requires very skilled workers and a lot of investment goes into its research and development. Invicta saves on this cost when it purchases the movements from a third party.

2) Use Of Quartz Movement

Most of the watches that Invicta makes run on quartz movement. And if you do not know then let me tell you that developing a quartz movement is a lot cheaper as compared to mechanical movement.

3) Bulk Manufacturing

Invicta also produces its watches in bulk thereby reducing its manufacturing cost.

4) Made In Countries With Cheap Labor Rates

To further reduce the cost of manufacturing watches, Invicta gets them made in countries with cheap labor rates like China. So Invicta may not be a Chinese company but its watches are definitely made in China.

5) Use Of Cheap Materials

The last and one of the biggest reasons behind the inexpensive prices of Invicta watches is the use of cheaper materials. Invicta uses materials that are inexpensive but are also of good quality. Rather than using expensive metals like Platinum, Titanium, etc, Invicta makes use of stainless steel. It is one of the most commonly used metals in watch cases and bracelets all around the world. In fact, you will even find stainless steel used in some luxury watches too. But there are different qualities of stainless steel available in the market. And obviously, Invicta does not use the top-notch one.

Similarly, instead of using expensive sapphire crystals in its watches, Invicta makes use of mineral crystals. These are cheaper compared to sapphire crystals.

So because of these reasons Invicta watches are available for a cheaper price.

Why Are Some Invicta Watches So Expensive?

Most of the Invicta watches fall in the affordable watches category. But you will see some Invicta watches priced significantly higher. So the question that needs to be answered is why are some Invicta watches so expensive?

Some Invicta watches are expensive because unlike other Invicta watches they are made in Switzerland. And you will see Swiss Made written on their dial. Factors that make these watches expensive are:

  • Manufacturing cost is higher in Switzerland
  • Most of these watches have mechanical movements
  • The quality of the materials used to make these watches are also higher as compared to other Invicta watches

Are Invicta Watches Worth Buying?

Yes, Invicta watches are worth buying if you are looking for an affordable everyday watch. Invicta manages to tick all the right boxes when it comes to making affordable watches. In fact, Invicta also offers cheap watches that look expensive. Therefore, if you want a good-looking watch and do not want to spend big then you should definitely consider buying Invicta Watches.


Is Invicta A Cheap Watch Brand?

Yes, most of the watches from the brand Invicta are affordable.

Is Invicta Really Swiss Made?

Yes, Invicta was originally a Swiss watch manufacturer. In fact, some of its watches are still made in Switzerland.

What Movement Does Invicta Use?

Invicta mainly uses quartz movement for its watches.

Are Invicta Watches Made In China?

Yes, most of the Invicta watches are made in China.

What Does The Word Invicta Mean?

Invicta is a Latin word, it means invincible or undefeated.

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