Why Does My Samsung Watch Have A Different Phone Number?

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Have you noticed a different phone number on your Samsung Watch? Do you want to know why your Samsung Watch has a different phone number than your cell phone?

In this article, I will answer the above questions for you. And I will also share how you can activate eSIM in Galaxy watches.

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Can A Samsung Watch Have Its Phone Number?

Why Does My Samsung Watch Have A Different Phone Number

No Samsung Galaxy Watch cannot have its own phone number. Samsung watches use eSIM which is a kind of extended sim on your existing physical SIM and eSIM cannot have its own number.

Standalone smartwatches are really growing in popularity. People prefer those watches these days that can make and receive calls without the need for a smartphone, and Samsung Galaxy watches are one of them.

However, there always has been confusion when it comes to the phone number. Will the watch use the same number as the cell phone? Or can a Samsung Watch have its own phone number?

Well, Samsung watches do not use a physical SIM like some other smartwatches. Samsung Galaxy Watch uses an eSIM, an eSIM is an extended electronic SIM provided by your network service provider. An eSIM cannot have a number on its own, therefore a Samsung Watch cannot have its own phone number.

Why Does My Samsung Watch Have A Different Phone Number?

As discussed, Samsung Watch cannot have a separate phone number. However, some users have complained that they see a different number for their smartwatches, and they are also right.

Some network service providers do not offer the sharing of a number and hence they allot a different phone number to an eSIM. However, the additional number is just for the namesake, you will be able to receive and make calls from the same phone number on your cell phone.

If someone calls your cell phone number then you will also receive a call on your smartwatch whether they are connected or not. Even if your devices are miles apart then also you will receive the same call on both devices. You will not be charged extra and you will not have to recharge your smartwatch number separately, it will use your cell phone number plans.

How To Activate eSIM In Galaxy Watch?

If you have purchased a brand new Samsung Galaxy Watch then let me tell you how you activate eSIM on it. Just follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone.
  2. Go to Watch Settings.Activate eSIM Step 2
  3. On the next screen, tap on Mobile Plans.Activate eSIM Step 3
  4. Tap on the Use Code button.Activate eSIM Step 4
  5. Once the QR code scanner opens, scan the QR code on your SIM docket.Activate eSIM Step 5
  6. Let the watch process.

That is it, your eSIM has now been activated. Now you can make and receive calls directly on your smartwatch.


Does My Galaxy Watch Have A Different Phone Number?

No, your Galaxy Watch does not have a different phone number.

How Do I Sync My Galaxy Watch With My Phone Number?

To sync your Samsung Watch with your phone number, you will have to get in touch with your network service provider.

Does Galaxy Watch Need A Separate SIM?

No, Galaxy Watch does not need a separate SIM.

Can I Get A Different Number For My Samsung Watch?

No, you cannot get a different number for your Samsung Watch.

Can You Make Calls On Galaxy Watch Without A Phone?

Yes, you can make calls on Galaxy Watch without your smartphone if you have the LTE variant of the Samsung Watch

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