Why Is My Apple Watch Not Charging? Here’s How To Fix!

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Are you wondering why is your Apple Watch not charging properly? Is your Apple Watch not charging anymore?

Whether you have Apple Watch Series 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, or SE, this article is going to be very helpful to you. In this article, I will tell you about all the possible reasons why your iWatch won’t charge and what to do to fix it. Not only this but I will also share why is your Apple Watch not charging past 80 and how you can know whether it is charging or not.

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Why Is My Apple Watch Not Charging Anymore?

Why Is My Apple Watch Not Charging

First of all, let me tell you, you are not alone. Many Apple Watch users around the world face the charging issue. It can be resolved and you do not need to worry.

Let me first tell you about the possible reasons why it is happening and then we will look at how to fix this issue.

See, to charge your Apple Watch, there are basically three parties involved. One is obviously your iWatch and the second party is your charger, which further has two parts, one is the adapter and another is a cable. The third party is the electricity or the wall socket.

Therefore there are 3 possible reasons why your Apple watch is not charging anymore:

  • Something is wrong with your Apple Watch
  • Your Apple Watch charger is not working
  • Or something is wrong with your wall socket

How To Fix iWatch Not Charging?

Now that you know the reasons why your Apple Watch won’t charge, let us look at what you can do to fix it.

As discussed earlier, there can be 3 possible reasons. Therefore I will tell you fixes to all these 3 reasons one by one. Firstly we will look at the fixes of the watch charger because the probability of the charger not working is the highest compared to iWatch and wall socket.

1) Change The Adapter

The possibility of the adapter not working is again high as compared to the charging cable. So first of all, you should try charging your Apple Watch with a different adapter. If there is a fault in the adapter then your iWatch should start charging when you connect it to another adapter.

2) Change The Charging Cable

Apple Watch Charging Cable

If using another adapter did not work for you then you should try charging your Apple Watch with another charging cable. Use another charging cable with the same adapter and then use it with another adapter as well. If using another cable works with the same adapter then your iWatch charging cable is not working. And if it works with another adapter then both your adapter and charging cable are not working and you need to buy new ones.

If you have purchased a new charging cable then it will come wrapped in plastic. Make sure you remove all the plastics before charging your Apple Watch. The plastic on top of the charger will not let your iWatch get charged properly.

If you have an old charger then make sure there is no dirt accumulated on the top of it. The dirt layer will again not let your Apple Watch get charged properly, therefore clean the top of your charger.

If your Apple Watch still did not get charged after cleaning and changing the adapter as well as the cable then it means that the fault is either in your iWatch or in your wall socket. Let us quickly see the fix of the wall socket first.

3) Change Wall Socket

As discussed, it might happen that there is some problem with your wall socket, it might not be passing electricity to your Apple Watch charger. So try connecting your iWatch charger to another wall socket and see if it works or not. If it does then you need to get your wall socket replaced and if it does not work then there is a problem with your Apple Watch. So let us now look at how you can fix the charging issue with your Apple Watch if your charger and wall socket is fine.

4) Clean The Watch Caseback

Like the charger, if the dirt gets accumulated on the back of your Apple Watch case, then also it will not get charged. And it is very natural that the dirt gets accumulated on the watch case back over time if you do not clean it regularly. So clean the back of your iWatch properly and try charging it again.

5) Restart

If your Apple Watch is still on then force restart it. To force restart your iWatch, you have to press both button and crown together and hold them for around 10 seconds. Once your smartwatch gets restarted, you should be able to charge it, if everything else is fine.

6) Software Update

If the issue persists, then you should update your Apple Watch operating system. Once your watch is up to date, you will not face any charging issues. Charging issues can also be because of a bug and updating should sort it out.

7) Check Battery Health

Apple Watch Battery Health

Go to the battery settings of your Apple Watch and check its battery health. If your iWatch’s battery is not in good health then it means the culprit is your watch’s battery. You need to get your battery replaced. Once you have replaced the battery, you should not face any charging issues.

8) Service Center

If after applying all the above methods, your Apple Watch is still not charging then the last option left for you is to take it to the Apple service center. Because only Apple will be able to help you out now.

How To Know If Apple Watch Is Charging?

Let me now tell you how you can know if your Apple Watch is charging or not. Because it might happen that your Apple Watch is getting charged but you are not aware of it.

After connecting your watch to a charger, if you see a green lightning bolt then it means your iWatch is getting charged.Green Lightning Bolt

If you see a red lightning bolt on your Apple Watch face then it means that your Apple Watch is about to die and you should connect it to a charger asap. After connecting your watch to a charger this red lightning bolt should turn green. But if it doesn’t, then it means your Apple Watch is not charging.Red Lightning Bolt

Why Won’t My Apple Watch Charge Past 80?

If your Apple Watch is not charging past 80% then it could be because of the following reasons:

1) High Temperature

The first reason could be because of the high temperature. If your Apple Watch is overheating while getting charged and its temperature is rising beyond a certain level then its charging will get stopped. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it will get stopped at 80% but many users have complained of this happening when their iWatch is charged around 80%.

2) Optimized Battery Charging

Optimized Battery Charging

According to Apple, this could also happen if the optimized battery charging option is turned on on your Apple Watch. However, the thing that you need to note here is that this option is only available from Watch OS 7 onwards. So if your Apple Watch is running on Watch OS 6 or lower then you do not need to worry about this point.

What this feature does is, it charges your watch rapidly up to 80%, but then slows it down to prevent the Apple Watch from getting overcharged. This helps in increasing the battery lifespan of your Apple Watch.

However, if you do not like it then you can turn it off.

3) Battery Health Is Low

If your Apple Watch’s battery health is low then also you can face this problem. You can check the battery health of your Apple Watch by going to the battery settings. In this case, you will have to get your Apple Watch battery replaced and your problem will get solved.

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If your Apple Watch is not charging even after plugging it in then it could be because there is a fault in either your watch, charger, or wall socket.

How Do I Know If My Apple Watch Is Charging?

If you see a green lightning bolt on your Apple Watch face then it means that your smartwatch is charging.

How Do You Know If Your Apple Watch Battery Is Bad?

You can check your Apple Watch’s battery health to know whether it is in bad condition or not.

How Do I Replace My Apple Watch Battery?

You can get your Apple Watch battery replaced from the Apple service center.

How Long Does Apple Watch Take To Charge From Dead?

If your Apple Watch’s battery is dead then you will have to charge it for at least 30 seconds to turn it on.

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