Reasons Why People Wear A Watch Upside Down

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There are no norms that describe a perfect way to wear a watch yet many people question why to wear a watch upside down. Wearing a timepiece on the right or left hand and upside or downside is just a matter of choice. Some people find this way more fashionable than wearing it up on the wrist.

But if we discuss why nurses, military personnel, or mechanics wear a watch upside down then there are tons of reasons. In this article, I am going to mention all the facts behind this question.

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Most Common Reasons For Wearing A Watch Backwards

No matter which type of watch glass is placed over the timepiece, it will always glare under the sunlight. However, when the timepiece is worn on the back of the wrist, it isn’t exposed to the sunrays and becomes easily readable.

light glare on the watch glass

Another common reason to wear the watch this way is to protect it from daily wear and tear. Many of us are watch lovers and know very well that timepiece gets hits and knocks while opening a door, working on a desk, and while walking at a crowded place. You can easily avoid all of these possibilities of getting your watch damaged just by wearing it on the bottom side of the wrist. Furthermore, you would laugh to read this but many people wear the timepiece backwards just to unhook it quickly.

Keep reading if you want to know specific reasons why nurses, military forces, mechanics, businessmen, and sportsperson wear the watch under the wrist.

Why Does Military Personnel Wear A Watch Inside Wrist?

There are big and crucial reasons behind wearing the watch under the wrist by military personnel. The first reason is to avoid revealing their position to the enemy during an ongoing mission. If they wear the watch normally then it may give a reflection and blow their cover. Everyone knows that a small mistake during a mission can risk the life of the army man.

why do military personnel wear a watch upside down

Another reason why armed forces wear the watch upside down is that it becomes easy to track time while pointing the gun at the enemy or target base. Every second matters a lot when you are risking your life for your nation and that’s why they can’t even flick their wrist to check the time.

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Why Do Nurses Wear Watches Upside Down?

why do nurses wear a watch upside down

Medical staff is as important as military forces for civilians. There is a very simple but important reason why nurses wear the watch in the same way as military personnel. When a doctor measures the blood pressure of a patient, they are supposed to wear the watch upside down to avoid the disturbance by flicking the wrist.

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Construction Workers

This is a profession in which a person needs to use heavy tools and a single hit from a tool can completely damage the watch. To avoid this scenario, a mechanic wears the watch backwards so the watch remains protected.

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Businessmen Or Politicians

You might have also noticed that many politicians and businessmen wear the watch under the wrist. There is a very interesting reason to wear the timepiece this way that would surprise you. The thing is politicians and businessmen are always on a tight schedule and need to attend a lot of meetings. It seems quite rude to flick the wrist to check the time during a meeting or presentation. Instead, if they wear it backwards then no one is going to notice when they check the time.

Business men wear the watch backwards


Sports lovers mostly use smartwatches to track their activity and monitor their training load and stats. In many games, a player needs to wear gloves which blocks the voice assistant functionality. To avoid this hindrance, many sportsmen wear the watch upside down with the microphone on the left side of the watch.

why sportsperson wear a smartwatch under the wrist

Secondly, during an activity or a game when a player falls then, it may lead to tapping on the crown or buttons by mistake that can stop/pause the activity tracking. This is also an important reason why sportspersons prefer wearing the watch under the wrist.

To Grab Attention

Yes, people wear the watches upside down just to grab attention at a party or stand out in the crowd. Also, most of them find it to be a more stylish way to wear a timepiece.

You may say that you have seen many individuals who were wearing a watch in this way and didn’t seem fashionable. To that, I will say, everyone has different preferences when it comes to fashion. Also, chances are you can recall the names of the people who were wearing the watch upside down at the party than the other way around.

Wrapping Up

So, many individuals have important reasons to wear the watch under the wrist while some just like it this way.

If you think I have missed any domain or reason that should be added in this article then tell me in the comment section. I will research it and add it.


Why Do Military Personnel Wear Watches Inside The Wrist?

Watch glasses cause reflections and military forces need to avoid the advertisement of their positions to the enemy during a mission that’s why they wear the watch upside down. Also, they can check the time while targeting a gun on an enemy without flicking their wrist.

Why Do Nurses Wear Watches Upside Down?

Nurses wear the watch under the wrist so they can count pulses and measure the blood pressure of the patient with an exact time easily.

Why Do People Wear A Watch Upside Down?

People wear the timepiece under the wrist to avoid the light glare on the glass and sometimes for fashion.

Why Wear Apple Smartwatch With The Crown On The Left Side?

If you are a sports person then wearing an Apple Watch backwards changes the crown and microphone position to the left side. Wearing a smartwatch this way can allow the voice assistant to hear your commands clearly while wearing gloves. Also, it avoids accidental pressing of crown while playing a game.

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