Why The Apple Watch Is A Waste Of Money? Is It Worth It?

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Are you planning to buy an Apple Watch and want to know if it is a waste of money or not?

In this article, I will tell you why Apple Watch is not worth it. Not only this but I will also tell you why is Apple Watch useful and its benefits. Therefore you will be able to make an informed decision after reading this article.

So let’s get started!

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Why The Apple Watch Is A Waste Of Money?

Why The Apple Watch Is A Waste Of Money

Without wasting any time, let me tell you straight away why Apple Watch is a waste of money and why you should not buy one.

1) Only Compatible With iPhone

If you own an Android smartphone then you should not think of buying an Apple Watch. Because Apple Watches are compatible with iPhones only. As a result, if you have an Android then Apple Watch will be useless to you and will turn out to be a waste of money.

Yes, Apple Watch can be used as a standalone smartwatch, they come with LTE connectivity, but there are some features that can only be used when it is connected to a smartphone. Even for setting it up, you will be needing an iPhone. And if you want to get insights into different health parameters that the Apple Watch tracks, then also you will be needing a smartphone.

So the biggest factor according to me that proves that Apple Watches are not worth is their compatibility with only iPhones.

2) Battery Life

Apple Watches does not last more than a day on a single charge. Even the newly launched Apple Watch Series 8 will not last for two days on a single charge. So what is the point of spending around $500 on an Apple Watch if you cannot use it even for 2 days straight without charging?

There are other smartwatches with good battery life in the market that offer more than 2 weeks of battery life and cost almost half of what Apple Watches cost. The battery life of just one day proves that the Apple Watch is a waste of money.

3) Not Fitness Oriented

Most people these days buy a smartwatch to keep track of their fitness, right? They want a watch that can track their fitness routine and tell them deep insights about the same. However, Apple Watches are not as fitness-oriented as they should be. So if you are an athlete and want to track everything about your training then Apple Watches may not be worth it for you.

There are other smartwatch brands that offer a lot in this regard in similar or even at a much lower cost.

4) Price

The price of the Apple Watch is generally on the higher side. Smartwatches from reputable brands with similar or even better features are available at a much lower cost. So the premium that you are paying to buy an Apple Watch is not really worth it.

Why Is Apple Watch Useful?

Is An Apple Watch Really Worth It

Now that you know why Apple Watches are not worth it and are a waste of money, let us now look at some of its benefits.

1) Long Lasting

If you buy an Apple Watch today then you will not have to buy another smartwatch for at least 3 to 4 years because that is how long the Apple Watches last on average. It is true that you will have to pay a premium over other smartwatches but you will also not have to spend on buying another smartwatch in the near future.

2) Health Tracking

Apple Watches may not be as focused on fitness tracking but they are very much focused on health tracking. It offers features like:

  • 24*7 heart rate tracking
  • ECG monitoring
  • Irregular heart rhythm
  • Sleep tracking
  • Temperature monitoring
  • High and low heart rate tracking, and much more.

So if your main purpose for buying an Apple Watch is to keep track of your health, especially of your heart, then you will not get anything better than Apple Watch.

3) Standalone Smartwatch

Apple Watches come with LTE connectivity which allows you to answer and make calls with it. As a result, you will be able to leave your cell phone behind and still stay connected to your friends and family. However, the thing that you need to keep in mind is that you will have to a premium to buy an LTE variant of the Apple Watch.

4) SOS Features

Apple Watches come with very useful SOS features, which include:

If you literally take roads less traveled or want to gift a smartwatch to your elders then Apple Watches comes out to be the best option.

Apple Watches can detect hard falls if you have any and will inform your emergency contacts of the same. This makes sure that you get the needed help on time. The latest Apple Watches also get a crash detection feature, which detects crashes. So if god forbid, you meet with an accident, you can rest assured that the required help is on the way. Both these features can turn out to be life savers and make the Apple Watch one of the best in the market.

Is Apple Watch Really Worth It?

I am sure you know the answer to this question by now. But if you are still confused then let me tell you. According to me, the answer to the above question is both yes and no.

If you want a watch to track your fitness sessions then no Apple Watch is not worth it for you. There are smartwatches available in the market that offer deeper insights when it comes to fitness tracking at similar or lower costs. However, when it comes to health tracking and everyday features, especially when you own an iPhone, then yes Apple Watches are totally worth it.

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Is iWatch A Waste Of Money?

It depends totally on what one wants. For some, it can be a waste of money, while for some it can be value for money.

Is It Worth Getting An Apple Watch If You Don’t Have An iPhone?

No, it is not worth buying an Apple Watch if you don’t own an iPhone. You will not be able to use it without an iPhone.

Can Apple Watch Replace iPhone?

No, Apple Watch will not likely replace iPhone.

Is Apple Watch Useful?

Yes, Apple Watch is very useful, it is in fact one of the best everyday watches.

Are Apple Watch Useless?

No, Apple Watches are not useless, they come with a host of features that are very useful in everyday life.

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