How To Watch YouTube On Apple Watch?

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Forgot your phone? Worry not you can now watch YouTube on your Apple Watch. Granted your Apple Watch would need to be connected to a WiFi or it needs to be a cellular variant Apple Watch.

In this article, I will guide you on how you can see YouTube videos on Apple Watch. Without any delay let’s get started.

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Yes, you can watch YouTube videos on Apple Watch Series using the WatchTube app on the App Store. It is a third-party app and there is no official support from YouTube for the same.

How To Watch YouTube On Apple Watch?

Listen Youtube on Apple Watch

Watching YouTube on Apple Watch is pretty simple just install the WatchTube app on your Apple Watch. You can install it from App Store either using your Apple Watch or iPhone. Once installed the app is pretty simple to use.

  • Launch the app, the first screen will show you the trending videos on YouTube right now.
  • Swiping from right to left will take you to the search screen. Here you can search YouTube videos or channels that you want to watch. Tap on the video that you wish to watch. You can also navigate through a particular video using the crown youtube on apple watch
  • Swiping again will show you watch history or library containing videos you have watched in the app.
  • The last screen is the settings screen which allows you to change the app’s settings, and delete YouTube searches, history, or library.can you watch youtube on apple watch

Requirement To Use & Listen To YouTube On Apple Watch

This app requires that you are running Apple Watch OS 6 or above. Your Apple Watch 7, 8, or Ultra also needs to be connected to your phone or WiFi so that you can watch YouTube on it. If your Apple Watch is a cellular variant then you can watch without connecting it to the WiFi as well.

WatchTube App Review

how to watch youtube on iPhone

WatchTube is a pretty decent app to play YouTube videos on the Apple Watch series regardless of whether it’s Ultra, Series 6, 7, or 8.

It allows you to watch the latest trending videos, look for channels, & subscribe to channels. However, there are some limitations as well like you cannot log in with your Google account. So your ‘watch it later’ list, liked video, channel subscription, & playlist won’t be synced.

Similarly, the watch supports on-screen caption but it’s not readable on the already small display of the Apple Watch SE 2 that I used the watch with. I have also made a detailed video explaining how to watch YouTube on Apple Watch on my channel Wearholic. You can watch the video below if you still have any doubts.

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Can You Watch YouTube On Apple Watch?

Yes, using the WatchTube app from App Store you can play YouTube videos on your Apple Watch.

Can Apple Watch Use Safari?

No, there is no Safari browser app on Apple Watch to watch YouTube videos.

Does YouTube Have A Watch App?

There is no official YouTube app for Apple Watch but there are some third-party apps available for the same.

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