Amazfit PAI Not Working? Here’s How To Fix

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Do you want to know what to do when Amazfit PAI is not working? Are you wondering how you can activate and turn off PAI in an Amazfit smartwatch?

PAI is a wonderful feature that is offered on Amazfit watches, especially if you want to stay healthy and need a little bit of extra push. So if PAI is not working on your Amazfit GTS, Bip, T-Rex, or GTR or you are not able to use it then you are at the right place. In this article, I will tell you what to do if PAI is not working, how to increase its accuracy so that it tracks your workouts easily, and if it is possible to turn it off or on.

So keep reading!

Note: The images that you will see in this article to demonstrate the steps are of my Amazfit GTR 3.

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What Is PAI & How It Works?

PAI is a short form for Personal Activity Intelligence. It is a feature that analyzes your heart rate during exercises and activities and then provides you the score accordingly. This feature is developed by PAI Health Inc., a software-focused health care company. In 2018, Zepp Health formed a partnership with PAI Health to bring this feature to its smartwatch users. And if you do not know already then let me tell you, Zepp Health is the parent company of Amazfit.

Now let us see how it works. It gives you the weekly target of 100 points to achieve and the overall score is generated based on the last 7 days of exercise and activities. You have to achieve PAI points by doing different activities and exercises throughout the week.

What Is Amazfit PAI

The PAI score is based on the different physical parameters which include gender, age, resting heart rate, maximum heart rate, etc. Therefore the activity that one needs to perform to achieve certain PAI points will be different for different people. And the points are only awarded if you perform the activity by maintaining a certain heart rate for a certain amount of time. If your heart rate was not in the required range during the activity then you will not get any PAI points.

How To Activate PAI In Amazfit?

By default, the PAI will come activated with your Amazfit watch. All you have to do is set up your Amazfit watch and you will be good to go. Other than this you do not have to do anything to activate it however you can increase its tracking accuracy so that it measures your exercises accurately.

Is Amazfit Not Recording PAI Points Even After Working Out Intensively?

Sometimes it might happen that you are doing intensive activities but still, PAI is not awarding you any point. This can be because PAI is not able to track your exercises accurately. To make PAI able to record your exercises and activities with utmost accuracy, you need to increase the frequency of automatic heart tracking and enable the active heart rate monitoring of your watch. You can do this from your Amazfit watch as well as from the Zepp app on the smartphone.

Note: The steps to activate PAI are the same for Android as well as iOS smartphones.

Steps To Increase The Accuracy Of PAI Through Watch

Step 1: Go to the menu (app drawer) and open the PAI app on your smartwatch.

Amazfit PAI Not Working

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Settings.

Watch Step 2

Step 3: Next, scroll down and open the Auto Heart Rate Monitor option.

Watch Step 3

Step 4: Choose the frequency for monitoring automatic heart rates. The higher the frequency of measuring the heart rate the more accurately PAI will be able to monitor your activities. So it is advisable to set the frequency at 1 min but do remember that the higher the frequency the lower battery life you will get.

Watch Step 4

Step 5: Go back.

Step 6: Scroll down and toggle on the Active Heart Rate Monitor button. When it is turned on then your watch will increase the heart rate monitoring frequency during your workouts.

Watch Step 6

Steps To Increase The Accuracy Of PAI Through Smartphone

Step 1: Open the Zepp app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Go to the Profile tab.

How To Turn On PAI In Amazfit

Step 3: Tap on the watch under My Devices.

Smartphone Step 3

Step 4: Open the Health Monitoring option.

Smartphone Step 4

Step 5: Tap on All-Day Heart Rate Monitoring and select the duration. PAI will be able to monitor your activities more accurately if the heart rate measuring frequency is high.

Smartphone Step 5

Step 6: Toggle on the Active Heart Rate Monitoring button.

Smartphone Step 6

What To Do If Amazfit PAI Is Not Working?

There can be different cases where you must be facing issues with the working of PAI. Let us look at these cases one by one and what you need to do in each case to resolve them.

Case 1: Watch Is Not Tracking The Workout

Remember that PAI will only get activated once your watch starts tracking your activities and exercises. If your Amazfit watch is not tracking any activity then PAI will not track anything either. So make sure to turn on the workout mode on your smartwatch before you start working out.

Case 2: Watch Is Tracking The Workout But PAI Is Not Tracking

If your watch is tracking your workouts and PAI is not able to do the same then you will have to restart your Amazfit watch. The issue should get resolved after restarting the watch but if it does not get solved then you will have to factory reset your Amazfit watch.

Case 3: Not Able To See PAI analytics in the Zepp App

If PAI is working on the watch but you are not able to see the data on your smartphone then there may be a connection issue. Make sure the watch is connected to your smartphone.

If the watch is connected to the smartphone but still you are not able to see the data then force close the Zepp app and restart it again.

Can You Turn Off PAI In Amazfit?

Sadly, there is no option available to turn off PAI on the Amazfit watch. As discussed earlier, Amazfit has partnered with PAI Health therefore PAI comes pre-installed on all Amazfit watches. It will get enabled automatically once you set up your watch and you will not be able to turn it off.


How To Enable PAI On Amazfit?

PAI gets enabled automatically as soon as you set up your Amazfit watch for the first time.

How Do I Turn Off PAI On Zepp?

There is no option to turn off the PAI on the Zepp app.

What Is The Full Form Of PAI?

The full form of PAI is Personal Activity Intelligence.

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