Does Amazfit Have NFC? Which Models Have It?

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Amazfit is known for making smartwatches that are famous for their cool features. One cool thing people like is NFC technology. This helps devices do contactless things because of their built-in NFC chip. This feature can help you make contactless payments, work as a bus card, and unlock your smart home with just your Amazfit watch. In this article, I am explaining whether Amazfit wearables have NFC and the best Amazfit watches with NFC. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

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Quick Takeaway
Some Amazfit watches have NFC, while others don’t. NFC feature enables contactless payments and works as a key card for smart locks. If you’re traveling by bus then you don’t need a physical card because of Amazfit NFC. However, it’s important to note that NFC contactless payment only works in China and doesn’t work in the USA or anywhere outside of China.

What Is NFC In Amazfit?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, and it is the latest technique that allows Amazfit watches to share information when they are just a few centimeters away. This technology is used for tasks such as making payments with your Amazfit watch or unlocking smart locks. Amazfit with NFC has a tiny chip inside that makes this sharing happen when they are turned on.

Does Amazfit Have NFC?

Amazfit allows its users to make contactless payments. You can also perform tasks like unlocking your smart home and paying for bus fare directly from your Amazfit. However, the question arises, Do all Amazfit watches have NFC? The answer is no. Some Amazfit watches come with NFC, while others don’t have this feature. In the next section, I will provide information about which Amazfit watches come with this feature and suggest the best Amazfit watch for you that includes NFC functionality.

However, please note that the NFC payment feature only operates within China. If you are in the USA or any other location then you will not be able to use this feature due to regulatory restrictions.

Which Amazfit Watch Has NFC?

  • Amazfit GTR 2E
  • Amazfit GTR 2
  • Amazfit GTR 3
  • Amazfit GTR 3 Pro
  • Amazfit GTR
  • Amazfit Nexo
  • Amazfit Verge
  • Amazfit X

Best Amazfit Watches With NFC

1. Amazfit GTR 2

Does amazfit have NFC

Amazfit GTR 2 has a built-in NFC chip that enables various contactless services, such as payments without the need for cards or cash. But it can do more than the contactless payments. It can be utilized to unlock smart doors. With the Amazfit GTR 2, you can use trains and buses without requiring a physical card, as the watch itself serves that purpose.

In addition to its contactless functionalities, Amazfit GTR 2 offers a range of other features, including health and fitness tracking. It enables you to monitor sleep patterns, heart rate, SpO2 levels, and much more. Amazfit GTR 2 has music storage and also allows you to control Spotify directly from your Amazfit.

If you are thinking of buying a new Amazfit watch with NFC then Amazfit GTR 2 could be a good budget pick for you.

The Good
  • Comes with NFC that allows contactless services
  • Premium and Cool design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Heath tracking with accuracy
  • Fitness tracking
The Bad
  • Contactless payment does not work in the USA

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2. Amazfit GTR 2E

best Amazfit watches comes with NFC

Amazfit GTR 2E also has built-in NFC. It allows you to pay money without cash and cards but same as the previous one, this feature only works in China, not in the USA. But other NFC features like contactless unlocking and using it as a travel card works in the USA.

Amazfit GTR 2E also has features like fitness tracking and health monitoring. This smartwatch also has storage to add your favorite music.

The Good
  • NFC Support
  • Heath and Fitness tracking
  • Budget-friendly
  • Water resistant up to 50 meters.
  • Long battery life
  • Accurate result
The Bad
  • No Voice assistant
  • NFC payment supported only in China

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3. Amazfit GTR 3 Pro

amazfit 3 pro NFC

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro comes with premium design and good battery. It also has an in-built NFC feature that works in the same way as the above watches. NFC feature allows you to make contactless payments and other contactless services like access unlocking keys and bus traveling cards from your Amazfit watch. It also helps with health and fitness tracking.

The Good
  • Inbuilt NFC
  • Long battery time
  • Premium looks
  • Water resistance
The Bad
  • NFC contactless payment is available only in China and not in the USA

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Final Verdict

It became more cool when Amazfit added NFC to its smartwatches because this made things easier for users. There is a high demand for wearables that fit smoothly into users’ daily routines and that’s why Amazfit added this feature to make the future simple with contactless payment and contactless service. But, not all Amazfit watches come with NFC. So if you are thinking of buying Amazfit with NFC then check the all details about the model you want.


Does Amazfit Have NFC?

Yes, Amazfit watches have inbuilt NFC but not all Amazfit watches have this feature. Amazfit GTR 2E and Amazfit 3 Pro offer this feature.

How Do I Use NFC On My Amazfit Watch?

You need to turn on the NFC feature. Go to watch settings and tap on the connection. Now you will see the NFC option, turn on the toggle button to use it.

How Do I Know If My Watch Has NFC?

You can search for it on Google with your Amazfit model. Or check the Connections tab in the watch settings to see if it has an NFC option.

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