Can You Buy A Fitbit With HSA? Is It HSA Eligible?

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If you want to buy a Fitbit and are wondering if it is HSA-eligible or not then you are at the right place. Here I will tell you whether it is possible to buy a Fitbit with HSA or not. Moreover, I will share in what condition you can use your HSA to buy a fitness tracker.

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You can buy a Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker using your HSA only if you have a Letter Of Medical Necessity from a doctor for it. If you don’t have the LOMN then you will not be able to purchase a Fitbit using your HSA.

What Is HSA?

Fitbit Smartwatches

Before we look at whether you can use your HSA to buy a Fitbit or not, let us first understand what HSA is. So that you can figure out the why behind the answer. If you already know this then you can skip this part of the article.

HSA stands for Health Savings Account. As its name suggests, it is a kind of savings account that is specifically used to cover medical expenses. You can open HSA and put money into it and if need be, you can use that money to cover the medical expenses that you may encounter in the future.

In simple words, it is a kind of savings account with a condition that the money in it can only be used for expenses related to one’s health. If you want to use that money for other expenses then you will not be able to do it.

Now you must be wondering why on earth someone will open an HSA when its money can’t be used for purposes other than medical expenses. Well, there are two major benefits of HSA, which are as follows:

  • Firstly, it is a good way of saving for medical emergencies. Medical emergencies can arrive unannounced and most people are not prepared for it.
  • Secondly, HSA is tax-exempted. Meaning the money that you put in HSA will not be taxed and you will not have to pay any tax on that money.

Can You Buy A Fitbit With HSA?

Can You Buy A Fitbit With HSA

Yes, you can buy a Fitbit with HSA but with a condition.

If you have a decent amount in your HSA and also want to buy a Fitbit smartwatch then it is natural to wonder if you can purchase it with your HSA. Smartwatches have really evolved over time and nowadays they can really help you stay healthy and fit. So it is safe to say that a Fitbit smartwatch is a health-related expense because it lets you stay healthy.

But is it true? Can you buy a Fitbit with HSA?

The answer is no. No, you cannot buy a Fitbit with your HSA. Expenses that are related to general health are not considered HSA-eligible expenses by IRS. And fitness trackers like Fitbit come under the general health category. Therefore you cannot use HSA to buy a Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker.

However, there is a condition that allows you to purchase a fitness tracker like Fitbit using your HSA. And that condition is LOMN (Letter Of Medical Necessity). If you have a LOMN for a Fitbit smartwatch from a doctor then you will be able to use your HSA to buy it.

A Letter Of Medical Necessity is simply a letter that says the Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker is a medical necessity for you. It means that the fitness tracker is required for the treatment of a medical condition that you have. This letter can only be given by a medical professional like a doctor. So you should get in touch with your doctor if you want to purchase a Fitbit using your HSA money.

Can You Use HSA To Purchase Any Fitness Tracker?

No, you cannot use your HSA to purchase any fitness tracker until and unless you have the LOMN for it. The general health rule not only applies to Fitbit but to all the smartwatch and fitness tracker companies. Therefore, irrespective of the company of a fitness tracker you cannot buy it with your HSA.

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Can I Use My HSA To Buy A Fitness Watch?

No, you cannot buy a fitness watch with your HSA if you do not have the LOMN for it.

Is Fitbit Qualified For HSA Medical Expense?

No, Fitbit is not qualified for HSA medical expense.

Is Fitbit HSA Eligible Fitness Tracker?

No, Fitbit is not HSA eligible fitness tracker.

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