How To Connect Noom To Apple Watch or Apple Health?

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Weight loss is the result of an active body, regular exercising, and healthy lifestyle choices. All of which you may want to keep track of. Noom is a good calorie tracker that helps you to keep track of your calorie intake meanwhile Apple Watch can help you to keep track of your exercises, calorie burn, and other activities. Naturally, connecting Noom with your Apple Watch is a wise decision. So if you are wondering, how to connect Noom to Apple Watch or Apple Health, then this article is for you.

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To pair Noom with Apple Watch, open the Noom app. Open the menu and go to Settings. Scroll down to Apps & Devices, select Connect to Health app, and tap on Yes, Let’s go! Now, go back to Apps & Devices and tap on Choose Steps Data Source. Now, make sure that the Health app is selected and select the Noom Pedometer as well.

What Is Noom?

Noom is a subscription-based calorie tracker and habit planner. The main focus of Noom is to get their users attached to healthy foods and active lifestyle habits as opposed to normal dieting which focuses on eating restrictions.

Noom emphasizes behavioral change so that its users can stay healthy and make healthy lifestyle choices on their own. It also offers features like personal coaches, user support groups, a calorie calculator, a recipe database, food logging, and more. You can also connect Noom with Fitbit, Apple Health, Garmin Connect, Omron, Runkeeper, and other Fitness tracking apps as well.

How To Connect & Sync Noom With Apple Watch/Apple Health

The steps to pair your Apple Watch with Noom are simple and easy. Here’s the complete process and step-by-step guide to connect your Apple Watch to the Noom app.

Note: Below mentioned steps should only be followed on your iPhone and not any other device. This is because if you access your Noom account from any other device while you are still logged in to the Noom application on your iPhone, it will disconnect Noom from your Health App and the Noom app will not show any steps.

Steps To Sync Noom With Apple Watch

1. Open the Noom app, tap on the three small lines present on the left side at the top, and select Settings.

How To Connect Noom To Apple Watch


2. Now, at the bottom you will see Apps & Devices. Select Connect to the Health app. Now,  select Yes, let’s go!

Pair My Apple Watch With Noom


3. Now, again come back to Apps & Devices and select the option of Choose Steps Data Source.

Install Noom On Apple Watch


4. Now ensure to set your source as the Health app Steps. If it is not selected, then you have to tap on it to select the Health app Steps. After that open the Noom Pedometer, & proceed to select the Health app Steps one last time.

After this, Noom should be synced, if that’s not the case then you have to make sure to enable the Motion and Fitness on your iPhone. To enable it, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

5. Open your iPhone Settings, and tap on Privacy.

Add Apple Watch To Noom


6. Now select, Motion & Fitness. Now, you have to make sure that the Fitness tracking toggle is turned on. You also have to ensure that the Noom toggle is also turned on, which you will find below.

Motion and Fitness


7. Now, go to the Health application and proceed to select the Profile which you will find on the right side at the top.

Apple Health


8. On the bottom you will find the Privacy section. Here, you have to select Apps, then proceed to select Noom.



9. You have to ensure that all the categories under ALLOW ‘NOOM’ TO WRITE DATA are turned off and all the categories under ALLOW ‘NOOM’ TO READ DATA are turned on.

Allow Permission

And that’s it now all your health data like blood glucose, active energy, steps, weight, and dietary energy will be synced to Noom. If you are still having some trouble, then you can contact Noom Support.

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Noom is a good calorie tracker app that takes a psychological approach to weight loss and promoting a healthy lifestyle. I’ve mentioned all the steps to connect the Noom app to Apple Watch or Apple Health. Doing so will enable you to keep track of your steps and calorie burn not just on Apple Health but on the Noom App as well.


Is Noom Available On Apple Watch?

While the Noom app is not available for Apple Watches, you can easily link your Apple Watch to sync steps and calorie data with Noom.

What Apps Does Noom Sync With?

Noom syncs with a bunch of activity tracking apps like Apple Health, Daily Burn, Fitbit, Garmin Connect, iHealth, Omron, Qardio, and many more.

Is Noom A Free App?

While Noom offers a free one-week trial program, it is a subscription-based calorie tracker and weight loss app.

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